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Vionic Shoes

Welcome to our Vionic Shoes page. You will find our full range of Vionic footwear products including Vionic shoes for women and Vionic shoes for men. Vionic orthotic shoes have been designed to bring the benefits of an orthotic insole to footwear that cannot normally accommodate it due to the design on the shoe. Vionic shoes therefore enable you to support your feet in all the right places while wearing sandals or flip flops.
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Vionic Islander Orthotic Flip Flops Gold
  • Orthotic flip flops with built in orthotic support
  • No need for a separate insoles to support your feet correctly
  • Stylish, comfortable, light and cool orthotic flip flops for day or evening wear
  • Help to reduce overpronation, re-align the feet and relieve common aches and pains

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