Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm Clock
Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm ClockGeemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm ClockGeemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm Clock
Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm ClockGeemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm Clock
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Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm Clock

  • Extra loud flash, vibration and sound alarm
  • Suitable for heavy sleepers and the hard of hearing
  • 90dB sound pressure level at 1 meter
  • Customisable snooze, alarm and ringer


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In stock now

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Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm Clock

The Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Extra-Loud Alarm Clock is an extra loud programmable alarm clock, with vibration, sound and flash alerts. This is a powerful tool to get you up on time, whether you are hard of hearing or just a heavy sleeper.

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What is Included with My Purchase?

  • 1 x Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock
  • 1 x Vibration Shaker
  • 1 x Mains Power Adaptor
  • 1 x Instructions Sheet

Features and Benefits of the Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Alarm

  • Loudness of 90dB at a distance of 1m – ideal for the hard of hearing and heavy sleepers
  • Includes a 12 LED extra bright red flashing alarm for an additional visual alarm
  • Alarm duration of up to 1 hour allowing for greater chance of being alerted
  • Snooze setting programmable between 5 and 60 minutes
  • Large, easy to read display with dimmer switch
  • Features a lamp function
  • Volume, tone and vibration controls
  • Includes both 12- and 24-hour time formatting
  • USB charging port for phones and tablets

Will This Stop Me From Sleeping In?

The Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite was designed primarily as an accessible alarm for those who cannot hear a standard alarm, but it is just as useful to those of us who have trouble getting out of bed for a standard volume alarm. The three alerts – vibration, flash, ringer–- are customisable to your needs, and each can be changed in intensity or turned off entirely.

There is also a customisable snooze function (between 5 and 60 minutes) which can be tailored towards the urgency with which you need to get out of bed. Because it so loud, this alarm can also be kept away from the bed, forcing you to get up before you can press snooze or turn it off.

Will I Be Able to Hear This Alarm?

At 90dB you should be able to hear this alarm even if you are hard of hearing – although that will depend on the level of hearing you have. The volume is similar to being up close to a running lawn mower. It is supplied with optional vibration and flashing lights, which are ideal for use by people with complete loss of hearing.

Which Alarm Settings Are Available?

This alarm comes with multiple programmable alarm options:

  • Off
  • Vibrator
  • Vibrator and ringer
  • Flash and vibrator
  • Ringer, vibrator and flash

How Do I Reprogram The Alarm?

The basic options for the Geemarc Wake'n'Shake Dynamite extra loud alarm clock are can be toggled with dedicated buttons. The alarm clock is supplied with a comprehensive set of instructions for reprogramming the different aspects, including the alarm and time – please find a digital copy below.

User Instructions
User Instructions for the Wake'n'Shake Dynamite

How Loud is the Ringer?

The ringer on this alarm has a 90dB sound pressure level at 1m distance, the same volume as a power mower, food blender or milling machine! For reference: to the average listener 30dB is exceptionally quiet, above 70dB is when noise can begin to become annoyingly loud, 110dB is when prolonged exposure to sound (over 8 hours) can become damaging, and 150dB can cause human eardrums to rupture.

The Wake'N'Shake Dynamite is one of the loudest alarm clocks offered by Geemarc. To compare the volume of models, please refer to the PDF below.

Geemarc Alarm Clock Volume Comparison
Geemarc Alarm Clock Volume Comparison

How Bright is the Light?

The 12 LED flashing light alert is very bright, but since it is red it will cause a less harsh awakening then a blue or white light would. The clock face itself is an unobtrusive red colour, which should not impact the quality of your sleep.

Is the Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Alarm Suitable for Deaf People?

By combining an extra loud sound (90dB at 1m) alarm with vibration and flashing light, the Wake'n'Shake Dynamite Alarm offers a total sensory wakeup call which goes far beyond the impact of a conventional alarm clock. The suitability of this alarm depends on your level of hearing and the strength of your response to non-audio stimuli, but the volume of this alarm far exceeds that of a conventional alarm.

Can I Set the Alarm to Vibrate Only?

Yes! This alarm is customisable, and can be set to vibrate only, or to vibrate with flash or ringer, or to vibrate with both. Please see above for a full list of which permutations of alarms are possible.

Can I Use This Alarm to Charge My Phone?

The Wake'n'Shake Dynamite features a USB charging port for you to attach your phone, tablet, or any other USB chargeable electronic device. This makes the Wake'n'Shake Alarm Clock a convenient addition to any bedroom.

Is This a 12-Hour or 24-Hour Clock?

The Wake'n'Shake Dynamite alarm can be easily customised to either a 12 hour or a 24 hour clock based on your personal preference.

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