Hand Pump For Inflatable Splints
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Hand Pump For Inflatable Splints

  • For use on splints with 6mm inner diameter tubes
  • Safety relief valve pre-set at 35mmHg


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In stock now

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Hand Pump For Inflatable Splints

The Hand Pump For Inflatable Splints can be used on the full Urias Inflatable Splint range, as well as other brands that have a 6mm inner diameter inflation tube.

The safety relief valve on the Hand Pump For Inflatable Splints is pre-set at 35mmHg to assist in preventing circulation restriction of over inflating and damaging or breaking the splint.

Please note that the Hand Pump For Inflatable Splints contain latex. 

Benefits of the Urias Inflatable Pressure Splints

  • Used to counter abnormal tone development. Applied following brain injury due to trauma or stroke, these splints inhibit spasticity, assist movement patterns, expedite weight bearing and reduce oedema. The dynamic force of these Pressure Splints encourages sensory recovery by stimulating proprioceptors.
  • Inhibit development of contractures in neurological disorders. Where a contracture is already present, Urias Pressure Splints may be used to stretch and position the limb, gradually reducing the deformity.
  • Available in sizes for adults, infants and children in a variety of lengths. To determine correct splint size, measure the length of the extremity and refer to our sizing charts.
  • Single or Double Chamber Splints. Single Chamber Splints allow all over even pressure. Double Chamber Splints offer varying levels of pressure in two separate individually inflated chambers for specific management of extensor or flexor tone.

All Urias Pressure Splints are latex free. Please note Inflation pressures should not exceed 40mmHg.

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