Universal Occupational Therapy Table
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Universal Occupational Therapy Table

  • Adjustable work surface for general occupational therapy
  • Ideal for occupational therapists working with a range of users
  • Large castors enhance stability to reduce likelihood of accidents
  • Available in Electric or Hydraulic models
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Universal Occupational Therapy Table

As an occupational therapist, when you're working with patients who struggle to perform daily activities it's integral that you provide them with a wide range of therapeutic tasks and exercises to help them regain their abilities again. The Universal Occupational Therapy Table is a top-of-the-line work table that can be adjusted in height, making it suitable for a wide range of upper extremity exercises or other range-of-motion activities.

Key Features and Benefits of the Occupational Therapy Table

  • Occupational therapy table suitable for general therapy tasks
  • Available in either a Hydraulic or Electric version
  • Hand switch control on Electric model for easy height adjustments
  • Large locking castors improve mobility and patient safety during use
  • Features a wheelchair cut-out to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Adjustable angle-laminated work surface for a range of activities

What Is General Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy where therapists help patients regain skills required to perform daily tasks. This helps improve patient independence, which can in turn reduce strain on healthcare services and help patients return to the home and their community. Therapies help clients perform a range of activities, including:

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Navigating around the home
  • Showering
  • Using the bathroom

How Can This Universal Occupation Therapy Table Help Patients?

Occupational therapy tables help aid patients who have a hand or arm injury by helping them perform upper extremity exercises or cognitive perceptual activities. The work surface of the Universal Occupational Therapy Table can easily be tilted and arranged in different ways, which means that patients can slowly build the muscles in their arms and hands while performing a diverse range of activities.

How Do I Use the Occupational Therapy Table?

The Universal Therapy Table is easy to use. Once set up, simply tilt the table according to the needs of your patient and place any aids you're using on the surface of the table. The height of the table can be altered according to the needs of your patients either manually with the Hydraulic version, or using the hand switch control with the Electric version.

What Is the Difference Between the Electric and Hydraulic Versions?

While the Electric version has a hand switch control alongside the table that can be used to adjust the table, the Hydraulic version can be adjusted by hand. If you work with a wide range of patients, we would recommend the Electric version as this allows you to adjust the table remotely and easily.

Can the Table Be Accessed Easily?

The modern design of the Universal Occupational Therapy Table is extremely functional as it enables access from both sides of the table. This is ideal for patients requiring occupational therapy as they could suffer from a physical disability that could make moving around the table difficult.

Designed with a convenient manual height adjustment to fit a variety of applications and uses, the table suits a wide range of users and their versatile needs. Whether your patient is currently in a wheelchair or they are at the later stages of rehabilitation and require a normal chair, the Occupational Therapy Table helps accommodate their needs. Optional accessories such as the Padded Knee Block and Standing Harness are also available to fit to the table to provide additional comfort and support for the user.

Can the Occupational Therapy Table Be Used in Healthcare Settings?

The Universal Therapy Table is perfect for use in healthcare settings like hospitals and care homes. It can also be used in a patient's home, at a GP's office, or at your own private offices depending on where you see your patients.

When Should the Occupational Therapy Table Be Used?

The Occupational Therapy Table can be used as part of a rehabilitative plan. It is an excellent way of helping patients perform upper extremity exercises, making it ideal for users with limited mobility in their arms or hands.

Technical Specifications

  • Height adjustable between: 50 - 92cm
  • Length: 152cm
  • Width: 70cm

Delivery Information for the Universal Occupational Therapy Table

Please note that the Universal Occupational Therapy Table will take approximately six weeks to arrive. Please contact our customer service team for more information .

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