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Upper Extremity Exercises

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Universal Occupational Therapy Table
  • Adjustable work surface for general occupational therapy
  • Ideal for occupational therapists working with a range of users
  • Large castors enhance stability to reduce likelihood of accidents
  • Available in Electric or Hydraulic models

Rolyan Incline Board
  • Can be mounted or clamped down for permanent or temporary use
  • Adjustable angle for varying degrees of shoulder extension
  • Bilateral or single handles included for versatile exercise
  • Made with moulded plastic for durable long-term use

Rolyan Work Bench
  • Versatile design develops strength and coordination
  • Cut-out front enables bilateral work for effective exercise
  • Compact design great for use at different heights for versatile use
  • Features 11 rows of seven different nuts, bolts, screws and more

Rolyan Horizontal Ring Tree
  • Helps develop range of motion, strength and balance after injury
  • Versatile design great for neurological disorders, burns and more
  • Can be permanently or temporarily attached to a table for fixed or mobile use
  • Kit includes 36 plastic rings, 12 each of 3cm, 4cm, and 5cm diameters

Rolyan Climbing Board and Bar
  • Seven rubber-tipped extensions on each side
  • Climbing bar features grips for protection and comfort
  • Made from durable aluminium for long-term use
  • Base has two holes for permanent attachment to an exercise table

Rolyan Vertical Ring Tree
  • Helps develop range of motion, coordination and more
  • Variable rod diameters and lengths for different exercises
  • Can be packed into base for easy and secure storage
  • Kit includes 72 plastic rings – great for sequencing tasks

Complete Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
  • Set for testing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Can be used for a range of reasons, including injury rehabilitation
  • Involves five tests to judge dexterity progress
  • Supplied with everything required for immediate use

Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test
  • Set for testing hand, arm and finger speed and dexterity
  • For testing individuals for employment where dexterity is essential
  • Also suitable for testing elementary through college students
  • Supplied with everything required for immediate use

Rolyan Semi-Circular Peg Board
  • Versatile resource for rehabilitation and testing of manual dexterity
  • Ideal for recovering after hand injuries, neurological impairment and more
  • Helps to improve hand strength, coordination, and cognitive and visual skills
  • Includes 43 pegs of various diameters and lengths

E-Z Exer Board Hand Exercise Kit
  • Versatile design great for home upper extremity exercise
  • Resistive finger flexion, extension and more for recovery
  • Provides forearm supination and pronation to aid rehabilitation
  • Suction-cup base provides stability during exercise

Tilting Easel
  • Transforms a standard flat table into a tilting work surface
  • Lip at the bottom of easel supports most activity boards
  • Can be used at any angle from horizontal to vertical
  • Lip can be removed to provide a flat surface

Jamar Pegboard Dexterity Test
  • Practical and accurate test for assessing dexterity
  • Suitable for use in physical, occupation and vocational therapy
  • Tests gross movement of hands, fingers and arms
  • Includes manual, normative data and 25 record blanks

Purdue Pegboard Test
  • Practical test for assessing gross and fine manual dexterity
  • Suitable for use in physical, occupation and vocational therapy
  • Measures gross movement of hands, fingers, and arms, and fingertip dexterity
  • Supplied complete with pins, collars, washers and instructions manual

O'Connor 32021 Finger Dexterity Test
  • Test for assessing fine motor skills
  • Ideal for vocational officers and recruiters
  • Provides accurate prediction of job aptitude
  • Supplied everything needed for immediate testing

Rolyan Stacking Cone Pattern Board
  • Features 54 screw inserts for a huge selection of stacking cones
  • Includes 42 decals in seven colours for versatile exercises
  • Ideal for upper extremity range-of-motion exercises
  • Latex-free design ideal for all users

Grooved Pegboard Test
  • Challenging manipulative dexterity test
  • Suitable for use in neuropsychology and industrial settings
  • Measures fine motor task performance speed
  • Supplied with pegs and examiner's manual with norms

Rolyan Climbing Board Accessory Kit
  • Versatile exercises improve perceptual motor skills
  • Increases upper extremity range of motion and more
  • Wide range of accessories included for different activities
  • Designed for use with the Rolyan Climbing Board and Bar

Jamar Tweezers Dexterity Test
  • Specialised dexterity test that uses tweezers to place the pins in the holes
  • Ideal for testing precision, finger speed, steadiness and hand-eye coordination
  • Includes a pegboard with 100 holes, one pair of tweezers and 100 pins
  • Comes with a detailed examiner's manual and data for normal readings

Rolyan Ball and Hand Piece Accessory for Forearm Skateboard
  • Provides finger and thumb abduction for stability
  • Maintains palmar arch to prevent reflex movement
  • Designed for the Rolyan Forearm-Based Skateboard
  • Available in left and right versions for proper positioning

Saeboglide Arm and Hand Exerciser
  • Exercise the affected arm following stroke or head injury
  • Challenges the person at all stages of recovery for effective recovery
  • Allows a home programme to be established for greater independence
  • Comes with an extensive instruction manual to ensure correct use

Rolyan Pronation/Supination Wheel
  • Promotes pronation and supination to aid recovery
  • Hand bar accommodates any sized hand comfortably
  • Outside rubber surface provides non-slip motion during exercise
  • Can also be used with a flexion glove for added versatility

Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser
  • Exercises wrist, elbow and shoulder for effective rehabilitation
  • Can be used with forearm weights for variable exercise
  • Twisted 125cm wire tree for increased complexity
  • Durable and latex free ideal for most users

Jamar Grooved Pegboard
  • A challenging manipulative dexterity test
  • Suitable for use in physical, occupation and vocational therapy
  • Includes a pegboard with 25 holes with randomly positioned slots
  • The pegs must be rotated before they can be inserted

Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer
  • Compact for home use and easy storage
  • Economical for people with limited budgets
  • Durable manufacture enables long-term, repeated use
  • Pedometer allows user to track progress

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display
  • Versatile exerciser for both upper and lower body
  • Shows time, reps and calories for clear feedback
  • Adjustable resistance for progressive exercises
  • Non-slip feet and lightweight for easy portability

Pedal Exerciser
  • Compact for home use and easy storage
  • Economical for people with limited budgets
  • Durable manufacture enables long-term, repeated use
  • Can be used for lower and upper body extremities

Over Door Exercise Pulley
  • Ideal for post-CVA injury treatment and range-of-motion programmes
  • Perfect exercise solution for limited space and budget
  • Available in two models: Extended Metal Bracket or Webbing Anchor
  • Rope is easily adjustable for proper fit to meet user needs

Page 1 of 1:    27 Items