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Ultimate Performance Other Supports

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Ultimate Performance Ultimate Neoprene Arch Support
  • Targets plantar fascia to relieve pain;
  • Adjustable strap;
  • Provides firm, even support;
  • Promotes improved healing.

Ultimate Performance Advanced Shoulder Support
  • Anatomically designed bi-lateral fit; 
  • Adjustable straps for added comfort;
  • Prevents over rotation and abduction;
  • Therapeutic warmth for healing and recovery.

Ultimate Performance Athletic Support
  • 3" waistband retains shape;
  • Pre shrunk knitted mesh;
  • With elastic leg straps;
  • Tailored for comfort.

Ultimate Performance Neoprene Back Support
  • Provides adjustable support to the back
  • Neoprene provides theraputic warmth
  • Low profile design ideal for use under clothes
  • Adjustable with hook and loop closure

Ultimate Performance Neoprene Shoulder Support
  • Provides firm, even support;
  • Promotes healing & flexibility;
  • Anatomically designed;
  • Durable, lock stitched seams.

Ultimate Performance Reusable Elastic Bandage
  • Ideal for a range of muscles and uses
  • Provides firm and even support
  • Reuseable for any need
  • Use just like standard tape

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Neoprene Back Support
  • Includes 8 supportive steel springs;
  • Provides firm, even support;
  • Tailored cut for all day comfort;
  • Adjustable straps for correct fit.

Ultimate Performance Ultimate Thigh Support
  • Provides firm, even support;
  • Promotes improved healing;
  • Suitable for all day use;
  • Adjustable for perfect fit.

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items