Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander
Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStanderTumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStanderTumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStanderTumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander
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Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander

  • Allows therapist to experiment with various postures
  • Unique design allows prone, supine and vertical standing
  • Foot operated pneumatic tilt mechanism
  • Available in two sizes with or without a tray
£2,157.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£1,798.33 Exc. VAT)

Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander

Paediatric positioning aids are excellent for stabilising and supporting a child for safe standing, but few have enough versatility and comfort to be used through a truly wide range of activities. The Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander does the job of three conventional standers in one, allowing therapists to position a child for prone, supine and vertical standing. This positioning system makes it easy for a therapist to experiment with alternative postures to find the one that is most secure and comfortable for the child.

Grows with Your Child

A floor operated pneumatic tilt mechanism on the Tumble Forms 2 TriStander makes it easy to adjust the stander from 15° to 90°. The wide range of adjustability of this advanced positioning aid allows it to grow with the child, so it should be the last paediatric stander you'll ever need. The adjustable module cushions can be mounted on either size frame to securely accommodate the unique positioning needs of any client.

Therapeutic Standing Benefits

Standing is a necessary and important activity, offering many physical and psychological benefits. It facilitates weight bearing on the feet that can reduce abnormal muscle tone and assist with both hip and knee alignment. Assisted standing is particularly advantageous as it frees the hands for activity and facilitates head righting. Psychologically, standing can stimulate cognitive activity, encourage communication and improve socialisation by allowing face to face communication with others at peer level.

Safe and Hygienic

The Tristander is made to be as easy and safe to use as possible, with a smooth design with no areas for debris to build up. This makes it easy to wash and disinfect, allowing for easy maintenance of a hygienic environment. To ensure the stander is suitable for as many people as possible, it is made with special Tumble Forms 2 materials and is latex free.

Features of the Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander 

  • Adjustable, soft, cushioned pads
  • Pads are seamless, impervious to body fluids and wipe clean
  • Module cushions are interchangeable
  • Tubular steel frame is strong, sturdy and long lasting 
  • The TriStander includes:
    • 1 x TriStander frame
    • 1 x Shoes with bar
    • 1 x Hip support
    • 1 x Headrest
    • 1 x Knee support
    • 1 x Trunk support
  • 75mm (3˝) double locking castors prevent roll and swivel 
  • Optional activity tray

Sizing and Options

The Tumble Forms 2 TriStander is available to buy in two sizes and with or without the activity tray. Please refer to the sizing chart below and select the model you require from the drop down menu above. Please note that the 2 sizes differ in colour.

Model  Child's Height  Maximum User Weight 
TriStander 45 Yellow  81 to 114.5cm  32kg (5 stone) 
TriStander 58 Blue  109 to 147cm  68kg (10.5 stone)

Please note: The Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStanders are manufactured to order, please call our Customer Care Team on 020 7720 2266 for estimated delivery times.

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