Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter
 Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor SitterTumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter 
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Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter

  • Combines the Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat and Mobile Base
  • Ideal for transporting those with developmental delay and cerebral palsy
  • Provides support and posture assistance while allowing some mobility
  • Suitable for use as an alternative to a wheelchair or stander
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Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter

For many children, the use of aids may be necessary to ensure proper positioning, posture and support while seated, and for these children, encouraging mobility and lower extremity strength should remain a priority. The Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter is a combination of the Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat and the Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base, providing and excellent and well-rounded seating aid that allows transport without the need for repositioning, while also providing an opportunity for the child to build the strength of their lower extremities.

What's Included?

The Mobile Floor Sitter combines two Tumble Forms 2 products into one, allowing a unique combination of fully supported seating, posture control and mobility. It includes:

Features of the Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter

  • Combines two Tumble Forms 2 positioning products for posture support and mobility
  • Ideal for allowing transport of children without the need for repositioning
  • Shoulder harness slots allow 100mm of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps
  • Allows children with poor mobility to build lower extremity strength while seated
  • Can accommodate children of a range of different heights
  • Provides excellent positioning and support to children
  • Perfect for those with developmental delay or cerebral palsy
  • Contoured interior has a 90° seat to back relationship to provide posturally correct seating
  • A 45° Hip Strap and quick release H-Belt help maintain child's position
  • Seamless coverings are washable, odour, urine and stain resistant and non-toxic

Full Mobility

This Floor Sitter allows the carer to move the child around the area without having to remove them from the seat and reposition them. This sitter is also perfect for children with low levels of mobility who can still mobilise and build lower extremity strength by moving themselves around. By combining the Feeder Seat with a Mobile Base, users can enjoy the benefits of the seat with the added bonus of mobility and an element of freedom.

Simple and Effective

The Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter provides excellent positioning and posture, without the need for complicated adjustments or accessories. This sitter provides adequate control, especially for those with developmental delay and cerebral palsy who lack proper sitting balance or head and mouth control. This seating aid is excellent for carers as it maintains a correct posture in selected positions with minimal supervision.

Versatile Positioning

This Feeder Seat, when used with the Mobile Base or Floor Sitter Wedge can aid training programmes such as one to one communication, practising feeding techniques, jaw control exercises, oral exercising, grasping and reaching exercises. This seat can also be used for upright sitting and reclined sitting if required. This makes it ideal for a whole range of home activities such as taking part in learning activities, playing games and watching television.

Key Specifications

The Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter is available in three sizes. Please refer to the sizing chart below and select from the drop down menu above.

Size Medium Large Extra Large
Outer Height  68.5cm  86cm  104cm 
Outer Width  35.5cm  43cm  53cm 
Inner Depth  24cm  33cm  42cm 
Inner Height  58.5cm  73cm  89cm 
Inner Width  23cm  32cm  38cm 
Child's Height  Up to 122cm  Up to 150cm  Up to 183cm

Please note: The Extra Large size of the Mobile Base included with your Mobile Floor Sitter will differ to the base shown in the image above, but will function in the same manner. The Extra Large style of Mobile Base can be seen by clicking the following link: Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Base.

VAT Relief

This product is eligible for VAT relief. Please visit our VAT relief page for more information by clicking on the link below.

Health and Care VAT Relief Page

Delivery of the Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter

Please note that the Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter is a non-stock item and may be subject to an additional handling time (up to 6 to 7 weeks). We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and advise you to consider this lead time when placing your order.

If you would like any more information about delivery expectations for Tumble Forms 2 products, please contact our customer care team on 020 7720 2266.

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