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Training Poles with Resistance

Sometimes, working out can be intimidating. If you want to boost or start your workout in a fun and exciting way, Training Poles with Resistance are an ideal place to begin. At Health and Care, we offer a wide selection of high quality Training Poles that will get you power-walking in no time. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation, please feel free to contact our customer care team at helpdesk@healthandcare.co.uk.

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BungyPump Power Training Poles (10kg Resistance)
  • Training/walking poles with 10kg resistance
  • Higher resistance is ideal for athletes
  • Provides a workout for your upper body 
  • Useful for intense work outs

BungyPump Energy Training Poles (6kg Resistance)
  • Training/walking poles 
  • Perfect for intermediate athletes
  • 20cm suspension equal to 6kg resistance
  • Useful for intense work outs

BungyPump Number One Training Poles (4kg Resistance)
  • Pair of walking poles ideal for Nordic Walking
  • Accessible design perfect for people of all ages
  • Includes 20cm suspension (equal to 4kg resistance) 
  • Useful for working out, rehabilitation and hiking

BungyPump Pink Charity Training Poles (4kg Resistance)
  • Resistive walking poles for upper and lower body strength
  • Design is perfect for people of all ages
  • Offers 20cm suspension (equal to 4kg resistance)
  • Useful for working out, rehabilitation and hiking

BungyPump Walkathlon Training Poles (4/6kg Resistance)
  • Hiking poles with springs for increased upper-body workout
  • Perfect for people who love exercise and walks
  • Offers 4kg of resistance (adjustable up to 6kg)
  • Change easily from fixed suspension to springy 

BungyPump Slimline Training Poles (4kg Resistance)
  • Slimline hiking pole with spring resistance
  • Ideal for nordic walking and hiking
  • Light (4kg) resistance perfect for new users 
  • Adjustable height is suitable for most people

Storage Bag for BungyPump Training Poles (For 10 - 15 Poles)
  • Storage bag to keep your walking poles safe
  • Designed to use with Bungy and SportsPro poles
  • Offers protection and for travel and storage
  • Ideal for long journeys, treks and camping

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items