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Versaclimber Club Total Body Workout Exercise Machine
  • Versatile exerciser for a total body workout
  • Ideal for gym members and home exercising
  • Ideal for starter sessions or intense workouts
  • Lower step height for easier but challenging workouts

Versaclimber Sportsmedical
  • Intelligent console;
  • Enables isolated training of limbs/trunk;
  • Full or part body workout;
  • Fully adjustable.

Togu Functional Circuit Training (Set of 3 Multiroll, 3 Aero-Step, 3 Dynair)
  • 3 different fantastic fitness products
  • Improve coordination and stability
  • Constructed from high quality 'Ryton'
  • Stimulates senorimotor muscles

Togu Functional Circuit Training (Set of 3 Aero Steps)
  • Uniquely designed air filled pads
  • Offers more intense training
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Helps increases stability, balance 

Align-Pilates Sitting Box
  • Maple veneered marine ply box with EVA padding
  • Makes seated and prone exercises more comfortable
  • Covered with abrasion resistant vinyl upholstery
  • Suitable for use with most brands of Pilates machines

Compex Fixx 1.0 Handheld Massage Gun
  • Portable massager for increased athletic performance
  • Ideal for use before and after workouts or competitions
  • Four interchangeable massage tips for specific parts of the body
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery with LED charge-indicator

SKLZ Mobility Resistance Bar
  • Bar increases shoulder strength and mobility
  • Ideal for use by overhead athletes, such as tennis players
  • Includes three interchangeable resistance cables
  • Folds for easy transportation

Fitness-Mad Air Dome Pro 2
  • Use as a wobble board or "half" Swiss ball/stability cushion
  • Can be used for almost any bodyweight exercise performed on a step/floor
  • Adds an extra level of intensity to your exercises
  • Resistance tubes can be clipped through eyelets

SKLZ HOPZ 2.0 Resistance Jumping Trainer
  • Resistance training belt for leg power and jumping muscles
  • Ideal for football, volleyball or basketball practice
  • Durable cables for maximum longevity
  • Move resistance straps to target specific muscles

SKLZ Super Sandbag Weights
  • Carry bag with four 10lb sandbag weights
  • Ideal for strength training or sports drills
  • Durable outdoor shells for long-lasting use
  • Greater fluidity and versatility than dumbbells

Fitness-Mad Medicine Ball Rack
  • Compatible with all Fitness-Mad Medicine Balls
  • Provides storage for up to five medicine balls
  • Helps to keep your workout space or studio organised
  • Perfect for both home and studio use

Money Sense Educational Board Game
  • Teaches teenagers the importance of money management and budgeting
  • Covers financial matters such as income, tax, pensions and insurance
  • Suitable for players ages between 14 and 18 years old
  • Contains a game board, playing cards, a die and an instruction book

Fitness-Mad Double Grip Medicine Ball
  • Increases control and ability to cope with heavier weight
  • Doesn't bounce, so you don't have to worry if you drop it
  • Remains a perfect sphere in spite of the handles
  • Easy to grip with either one or two hands

SKLZ Exercise Massage Roller
  • Adjustable massage roller for trigger release
  • Ideal for pre or post workout massages
  • Increase muscle strength, flexibility and oxygenation
  • Durable nylon bands for use as handles or stretching straps

SKLZ Trainer Exercise Roller
  • Deep tissue massage roller
  • Reduces soreness and increases range of motion
  • Printed with illustrations of recommended recovery movements
  • Commercial grade foam for maximum relief

SKLZ Trigger Strap Trigger Point Release
  • Use manual leverage to release trigger points
  • Ideal for pre and post-workout use
  • Balanced base equalises tension in the muscles
  • Non-slip knob for targeted, efficient release

Fitness-Mad Machine Mat
  • Excellent floor protection for use underneath exercise equipment
  • Ideal for under an upright bike or similar, as well as weight training
  • Helps to keep equipment in place and reduces machine noises
  • Designed with sealed edges and an anti-slip base for firm grip

SKLZ Trainer Exercise Ball
  • Gym stability ball with printed guide
  • Ideal for developing balance and core strength
  • Illustrated workout program designed by EXOS
  • Pump included for an immediate start

Fitness-Mad Balance Pad
  • Made from high-quality nonslip closed-cell EVA foam
  • Forces the user to constantly compensate to maintain balance
  • Designed for balance, coordination and reaction training
  • Also suitable for posture stability and motor skill exercises

SKLZ Trainer Exercise Mat
  • Exercise mat with clear workout instructions
  • Provides guidance for beginners
  • EXOS designed workout routine
  • Premium mat material for comfort

SKLZ Massage Bar
  • Myofascial release therapy massage bar
  • For use pre and post workout session
  • Roller grooves for effective tissue massage
  • Speed up recovery and reduce soreness

SKLZ Resistance Training Lateral Resistor Pro
  • Ankle resistance cable for strengthening key muscles
  • Ideal for developing first step-speed and lateral speed
  • Choice of three cables with different resistance strengths
  • Padded ankle cuffs for comfortable fit

SKLZ Travel Barrel Exercise Roller
  • Hollow barrel roller to increase flexibility
  • Ideal for pre- and post-workout use
  • Compact size is perfect for travelling
  • Reduces muscle soreness and recovery times

Fitness-Mad 1.5Kg Wave Hula Hoop
  • Simple six-piece assembly
  • Disassembles for storage or transport
  • Weighted design for increased workout benefits
  • Effective and easy way to tone the waist and abdomen

Fitness-Mad Ab Wheel Pro
  • Innovative abdominal training tool
  • Two sturdy wheels for improved stability
  • Option of single- or dual-arm usage
  • Twin twist-grip brakes help to prevent overstretching

SKLZ Travel Massage Bar
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight massage tool
  • Ideal for use while travelling
  • Ball bearing system for smooth skin contact
  • Aeration lines for improved circulation

Pedal Exerciser Deluxe
  • Versatile exerciser for both upper and lower body
  • Practical pedal exerciser great for home use
  • Adjustable resistance for progressive exercises
  • Non-slip feet and lightweight for easy portability

FlipBelt Running Storage Belt
  • Won't bounce around or chafe while you run
  • Compatible with all phone models
  • Flippable with hidden money belt, for extra security while you travel
  • Stylish, lightweight and moisture-wicking design

Fitness-Mad Deluxe Doorway Gym Bar
  • Multi-functional door gym
  • Double-action opening for quick setup
  • Non-marking pads to ensure a secure grip
  • Includes support brackets and basic exercise guide

SKLZ Resistance Training Cable Set Medium
  • Resistance cable with door anchor and handles
  • Ideal for adding versatility to your workout routine
  • Develops full body strength and power
  • Use multi-planar movements for comprehensive training

TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Exerciser
  • Flexible, durable resistance device
  • Research-proven for tennis elbow
  • Cost effective treatment for many indications
  • Bending, twisting or oscillation movement

SKLZ Resistance Training Cable Set Light
  • Resistance cable with door anchor and handles
  • Ideal for adding versatility to your workout routine
  • Develops full body strength and power
  • Use multi-planar movements for comprehensive training

Fitness-Mad Blue Foam Roller
  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Available in 18inch or 36inch
  • Popular with runners and other athletes
  • Enhances balance, flexibility and strength

SKLZ Accustick Massager
  • Uniquely designed massage stick
  • For before and after your workout
  • Increases cell recovery and reduces soreness
  • Curves and points allow for deep tissue access

Triggerpoint Massage Ball
  • Essential massaging product
  • Suitable for whole body use
  • Super portable, massage on the go!
  • Suitable for minor aches and pains

Triggerpoint SMRT CORE Level 3 DVD
  • Adds push-pull to many exercises;
  • Adds more focus to core muscles;
  • For use after mastering level 1;
  • Includes classes & exercises. 

SKLZ Adjustable Skipping Rope
  • Durable high-value jump rope
  • For building endurance, speed and coordination
  • Ergonomic padded handles for comfortable use
  • Adjustable rope length for convenience

SKLZ Deep Tissue Massage Ball
  • Compression massage ball for knots and tension
  • Ideal for targeting larger muscle groups
  • Distinct texture relieves pain and stimulates circulation
  • Firm durometer for optimal pressure

SKLZ Dual Point Massage Ball
  • Massage ball for preserving spine health
  • Ideal for pre and post workout use
  • Ergonomic, spine-friendly design
  • Releases knots and improves circulation

SKLZ Heavy Resistance Training Cable
  • Versatile 5-foot long resistance cable
  • For use with SKLZ slide-lock compatible resistance trainers
  • Durable natural latex for longevity
  • Heaviest of four weight levels, for building muscle

SKLZ Medium Resistance Training Cable
  • Versatile 5-foot long resistance cable
  • For use with SKLZ slide-lock compatible resistance trainers
  • Durable natural latex for longevity
  • Mid-level resistance for a moderate level of strength

Fitness-Mad Pro Power Grip Hand Grip Strengthener
  • Ideal for improving performance for weightlifting, climbing, tennis and golf
  • Aids in strengthening the forearms, hands, wrists and fingers
  • Provides resistance to help develop muscles
  • Available in five different strengths to suit your requirements

SKLZ Foot Massage Ball
  • Distinctly textured ball for increased mobility and circulation
  • Ideal for use pre and post workout
  • Small size is ideal for targeting muscle groups in the feet
  • Water resistant for easy cleaning

SKLZ Reaction Ball
  • Six-sided rubber ball with unpredictable bounce
  • Fun hand-eye coordination training
  • Suitable for solo or team training
  • Sharpens depth perception and reaction time

Fitness-Mad Spare Aerobic Step Riser
  • Suitable for professional or home use
  • Increases the step by 5cm when used in a pair
  • Maximum user weight: 31 stone (200kg)
  • Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 8cm

MoVeS Ankleciser Resistance Band Ankle Rehab Kit (Set of Four Bands)
  • Set of resistance bands for rehab after an ankle injury
  • Ideal for recovery from sprains and and tears
  • Four resistance levels allow for rehab progression
  • Range of exercises provided for ankle therapy

Pediroller Foot Massager
  • Helps relieve inflammation and heel or arch pain
  • Tones weak muscles and stimulates circulation
  • Ideal for conditions including plantar fasciitis
  • Easy to use for immediate relief

Physioworx EVA Foam Exercise Roller
  • High-density EVA foam roller in a choice of sizes
  • Great for yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation
  • Helps with stretching and balance training
  • Ideal for home fitness routines or in classes

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