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Traction Devices

Traction Devices can aid in the treatment and recovery of certain neck and spine conditions. Find a selection of traction devices and necessary accessories for operating them in our range. We stock overdoor traction devices, traction devices that can be used lying down and a variety of head halters, traction belts and chin straps, designed for comfort and performance.

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Tensoplast STK Skin Traction Kit (Pack of 12 Kits)
  • Pack of 12 skin traction kits for healing and repair
  • Safely apply sustained traction weight support
  • Available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions
  • Provides cushioning and protection to bony prominences

NeckPro Overdoor Cervical Traction Device
  • Delivers precise amount of cervical traction tension
  • Features a precision-made compression string
  • Easy to monitor progression
  • Provides a quick release system

Metron Elite Pelvic Traction Belt
  • Accessory for the Metron Elite Accutrac Traction Unit
  • Features one D-Linkage Point for use as part of treatment
  • Helps encourage healing for lumbar conditions
  • Can be purchased as a spare or replacement

Metron Elite Thoracic Traction Strap Set
  • Set of two straps for aiding treatment of the thoracic spine
  • Accessories for the Metron Elite Accutrac Traction Unit
  • Suitable to be purchased as spares or replacements
  • Helps encourage healing for thoracic conditions

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