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Top Ten Health & Wellbeing Christmas Gifts

Welcome to Health and Care's Top Ten Healthy Christmas Gifts page. If you are looking to buy useful Christmas gifts this year or if someone you know is into their health and wellbeing, these are the gifts for you. Here you will find a range of great wellbeing Christmas gift ideas.

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The Original Copper Heeler
  • As featured in national newspapers
  • Trusted by thousands of people in the UK
  • A completely natural way for your body to absorb copper
  • Fits comfortably in most footwear

Pressure Relief Bed Fleece
  • Suitable for the relief from and prevention of pressure sores and ulcers
  • Made from 100% pure new wool to absorb perspiration
  • Ideal for use on beds, chairs, sofas and wheelchairs
  • Allows the skin to breathe more effectively

New Age Kurling Indoor Curling Set
  • Set includes eight stones (four blue and four red) plus carry case
  • Play the popular game of curling on any flat, smooth surface
  • Ideal for schools and social groups for all ages and abilities
  • Suitable for two to four players at a time

The Original Copper Heeler - Two Pair Pack
  • As Featured in National Newspapers
  • Worn by thousands of people in the UK
  • Two pair pack for added convenience
  • Available in 4 sizes

Purple Fleece Micro-Hottie
  • Warm and cosy;
  • Cuddly and convenient;
  • Purple polyester fleece cover;
  • Reusable microwaveable thermal pack.

Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe
  • A natural salt respiratory aid to help you breathe more easily
  • Ideal for sufferers of asthma attacks, allergies and other conditions
  • Assists rehabilitation and medical treatment of respiratory issues
  • Works on the same principle as a Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Original Copper Heeler - Three Pair Pack
  • As Featured in National Newspapers
  • Worn by thousands of people in the UK
  • Three pair pack for greater convenience
  • Available in 4 sizes

Cuddle Dry Baby Bath Towel

A unique hooded apron bath towel making bath times safe, simple and fun for you and your baby! Available in four great colours.

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250
  • Various sunrise and sunset modes;
  • Choice of 6 wake up sounds;
  • Snooze function;
  • Effective SAD therapy light.

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items