Deafgard Vibrating Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm
 Deafgard Vibrating Hard of Hearing Fire AlarmDeafgard Vibrating Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm 
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Deafgard Vibrating Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm

  • Device that vibrates to alert the hard of hearing of a fire alarm
  • Ideal for the deaf and hard of hearing in hotels and care homes
  • Fully portable unit with no installation required
  • Ensures compliance with the Equality Act of 2010


Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon

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Deafgard Vibrating Wireless Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm

The deaf and hard of hearing are at an obvious disadvantage when it comes to hearing a fire alarm, which means that businesses like hotels and care homes must provide assistance to comply with the Equality Act of 2010. The Deafgard Vibrating Wireless Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm features a vibrating pillow pad and bright LED to alert the user of an alarm sounding, providing peace of mind, legal compliance and independence for the user.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Deafgard unit with pillow pad and connecting cable
  • 1 x Storage bag
  • 1 x Set of four C size LR14 batteries
  • 1 x Set of Deafgard window stickers

Will the Deafgard Hear My Fire Alarm?

The Deafgard Vibrating Fire Alarm is designed to work with any fire alarm that exceeds 75dB at the user's bed, making it ideal for almost any hotel or care home. Once turned on, the battery-powered unit will automatically begin listening for an alarm, and will activate the vibrating pad and bright LED light once the alarm is detected.

Who Can Use the Deafgard?

The Deafgard is ideal for use in any facility that caters to the deaf and hard of hearing, and is also a great addition around the home. Primarily designed for hotels and care homes, the Deafgard is also a great addition to private homes, student halls and loud or busy environments.

How Does the Deafgard Alert the User of an Alarm?

Once the Deafgard Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm detects an alarm sounding for 20 seconds, it will alert the user in three ways:

  1. Vibrating Pad: The powerful vibrating pad will vibrate under the user's pillow to wake them
  2. Bright LED: The bright LED light will flash to provide another waking stimulus
  3. LCD Screen: The word "FIRE" will appear on the LCD screen, confirming to the user that an alarm is sounding

Where Should the Vibrating Attachment Be Placed?

The Deafgard's vibrating pad is primarily designed to be placed under the user's pillow, but can also be placed under a mattress. It releases a powerful vibration, which is designed to alert the user and wake them up.

How is the Deafgard Powered?

The Deafgard is fully portable, and is powered by four C size LR14 batteries. The battery operation makes the Deafgard as versatile as possible, and can be given to users to bring to their room for immediate operation without setup.

Does the Deafgard Function as an Alarm Clock?

Yes, the Deafgard will function as an alarm clock when not needed as a fire alarm, making it a useful device around the home for everyday use.

How Bright is the Deafgard LED Light?

The Deafgard's LED light is designed to be extremely bright, helping to wake the user in a dark room. This light works in conjunction with the vibrating pad, helping to provide a powerful stimulus to wake the user.

Deafgard Fire Alarm for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing LED Light

Independence for the User

In addition to bolstering safety and helping to comply with legal regulations, the Deafgard will provide the user with a sense of independence. Many hard of hearing or deaf users will want to avoid needing extra assistance from members of staff in the event of a fire, and the Deafgard helps to avoid this from being necessary.

See the Deafgard in Action

Watch the video below for a short overview and demonstration of the Deafgard:

User Manual

Click the PDF link below to access the user manual for the Deafgard:

User Instructions
User Instructions for the Deafgard

Declaration of Performance

Click the PDF link below to access the Declaration of Performance for the Deafgard:

Declaration of Performance
User Instructions for the Deafgard

Technical Specifications


  • ​Overall height: 115mm
  • Main casing height: 55mm
  • Width: 165mm
  • Depth: 125mm


  • Packed kit weight: 980g
  • Product only weight: 830g

Operating Specifications

  • Casing: ABS
  • Batteries: 4 x 1.5v C size alkaline batteries (do not use rechargeable batteries)
  • Expected battery life: 12 months
  • Trigger: Alarms compliant with BS 5839-3

Which Standards Does the Deafgard Comply With?

  • EN61000-6-1:200
  • EN61000-6-3:2001+A11:2004
  • Complies with the Equality Act of 2010
  • BS 5839-1: 2002
  • BS 5446-3
  • CE marked

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