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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Students

Welcome to Health and Care's Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Students. We have a fantastic range of Christmas Gifts for medical students including anatomical models, anatomical model skeletons, desktop skeleton models, mini model skeletons, skull models and anatomical charts and posters.

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Anatomical Model Life Size Spine with Pelvis
  • Full size spine with pelvis
  • Full articulates
  • Dorsal herniated disc between the 2nd and 3rd lumbar verterbrae
  • Supplied complete with stand

Life-Size Human Skull With Coloured Bones
  • Bones painted in different colours for precise study
  • Movable mandible and three removable lower teeth
  • Comprises of 22 bones with serrated suture lines marked out
  • Transversely cut Calvarium shows skull's interior structures

Classic Human Skull Model A20 (3 Part)
  • Ideal for medical professionals and students
  • Handmade from hard, unbreakable plastic
  • Highly accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, processes and sutures
  • Can be disassembled into skull cap, base of skull and mandible


Flexible Model Skeleton Human Full Size
  • Flexible spine makes this skeleton ideal for chiropractors and orthopaedic surgeons;
  • Thorax can be manipulated to simulate breathing techniques, and the spine is supplied with spinal cord, nerve ends, arteries and sectioned sacrum;
  • Skull disassembles into 4 parts and has a full set of adult teeth, several of which are removable;
  • Supplied complete with stand and dust cover.

Life-Size Model Skeleton Deluxe
  • Bones of the lower and upper extremities are movable
  • Moveable mandible with three removable lower teeth
  • Muscles are painted to represent muscle origins and insertions
  • Helps you understand relationship between human figure and skeleton

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items