Wellcare Naturcare Sound Enrichment Device
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Wellcare Naturcare Sound Enrichment Device

  • Sound device to relieve tinnitus symptoms through relaxation
  • Choice of seven relaxing sounds to suit individual preferences
  • Volume control for maximum relaxation
  • Optional timer for controlled use


Dispatched in 1-4 days  

Dispatched in 1-4 days

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Wellcare Naturcare Sound Enrichment Device

The Wellcare Naturcare Sound Enrichment Device provides a choice of seven relaxing sounds that can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. Stress can increase the intensity of tinnitus, so the Sound Enrichment Device can soothe the mind and reduce the impact of tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

If you suffer from a frequent ringing, buzzing or similar sound in the ears that only you can hear, then you may be experiencing the symptoms of tinnitus. This sound can be either frequent or constant, and may appear more noticeable when in quieter environments.

There are various self-managed treatments that can help reduce the intensity of tinnitus. Relaxation is considered to be an effective approach to easing the condition, which can help to lessen the effects of tinnitus to provide a better night's sleep.

How Does the Sound Enrichment Device Work?

The tinnitus relaxer is designed to be placed beside the bed at night or near your sofa of chair during relaxation. It is simple in design for ease of use, with a volume control and individual buttons for each of the seven included sounds.

The Sound Enrichment Device emits the desired sound at the volume of your choice to reduce the quietude of your surroundings, as more silent environments can make tinnitus seem more prominent. This background noise not only helps to minimise the awareness of tinnitus sounds in the ear, but can also soothe the mind to reduce stress.

What Sounds Are Included?

The Naturcare relaxer includes seven different sounds designed for relaxation. They are as follows:

  • Birds
  • Brook
  • Heartbeat
  • Rain
  • Sea Waves
  • White Noise
  • Woods

With an assortment of sounds provided, you can be assured that there will be the ideal noise for you. It will also mean that you can choose a different sound each night to prevent you from becoming immune to their soothing effects.

What Is the Duration of Each Sound?

The Sound Enrichment Device features a time control, so that you can decide for how long you wish to listen to your chosen sound. Once activated, the sound can be played continuously, which will be useful if you find yourself waking up frequently during the night as it can help soothe you back to sleep.

Alternatively, you have the option to use the thirty-minute timer. This will provide an ample duration for relaxing and falling asleep at night, and will also act as an indicator of time if the device is used for brief relaxation sessions during the day when you don't necessarily wish to fall asleep.

Technical Specifications

  • Features seven different sounds
  • Volume control
  • On/off/timer switch
  • Optional thirty-minute timer
  • Overall dimensions: 140 x 130 x 110mm

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