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Thuasne Walker Boots

For products which answer the evolving needs of customers, browse Health and Care's range of Thuasne Walker Boots, which are suitable for various ailments. For more information or a personalised recommendation, please contact our Customer Care Team at helpdesk@healthandcare.co.uk.

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Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot
  • Liner of the XLR8 is removable and washable
  • Has a rigid shell and adjustable toe guard
  • Air cells provide a precise anatomical fit
  • Full shell Pneumatic Walking Boot

Thuasne TD Rom Walker Boot
  • Range of motion is adjustable so you can remain on the go
  • Firm support with its anatomically shaped reinforcements
  • Ultra-light product ensures you remain comfortable
  • Boot is available in either a long or a short version

Thuasne Townsend PediWalker Junior Walker Boot
  • Maintains natural gait with reinforced composite rocker bottom
  • Walker boot is a durable alternative to casting for children
  • Simple integrated strapping for easy application
  • Has lightweight, conformable plastic uprights

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