Genius 3 Tympanic Thermometer with Disposable Covers for Hygiene Control

Purekeys Keyboards and Mouses for Infection Control

WendyLett slide sheets for patient positioning

Safehip airx fall prevention underwear

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Nonin 2120 Avant Digital SpO2 and NIBP Monitor
  • Offers automated NIBP measurements and proven SpO2 monitoring
  • Equipped with a user or system-defined dynamic inflation pressure
  • Comprehensive data capture is ideal for extended monitoring
  • Designed for use in motion and low perfusion environments

Nonin 7500FO Series MRI Compatible Oximeter
  • Developed for use in fixed-site or mobile MRI facilities
  • Suitable for monitoring infant, paediatric and adult patients
  • Allows simple toe or finger wrap sensor application
  • Offers a minimum of 30-hour battery life and 70 hours of memory

Nonin Adult/Paediatric Fibre Optic Mri Compatible Sensor (30ft cable)
  • Reusable SpO2 Sensor.
  • Comfortable fit for continuous monitoring.
  • PureLight sensor technology.
  • Form-fitted wraps.

Nonin 9600 Avant Digital Pulse Oximeter with Adjustable Alarms
  • Suitable to monitor neonates to adults, in acute and home care settings
  • Bright LED displays allow clear readability across the room
  • Lightweight, compact and durable construction
  • Offers up to 115 hours of memory

Nonin 7500 Table Top Pulse Oximeter
  • Painless and non-invasive method for measuring oxygen saturation
  • Designed to easily fit on a table top and into its own carrying case
  • Offers over 70 hours of memory for extended monitoring
  • Can be used in acute care and home care environments

Replacement Power Supply and Mains Cable for Nonin 7500 Oximeter
  • Replacement power supply for the Nonin 7500 Oximeter
  • Ensures that you're never without your oximeter
  • Includes a mains cable and a UK plug
  • Allows you to measure oxygen saturation

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