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Sweaty Feet Remedies

From breathable sweat-relieving insoles to antiperspirant that is suitable for the feet, our range of Sweaty Feet Remedies can improve comfort during warm summer months. You don't have to suffer with excessive sweating on your feet, and by using any of items below you can tackle the causes of sweating.

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Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles for Sweaty Feet
  • Natural cedar wood insoles for sweaty feet
  • Ideal for all shoes, with or without socks, on anyone who has sweaty feet
  • Moisture absorbing and antibacterial for reducing foot odour and bad smells
  • Naturally shoe deodorising for a pleasant cedar scene

Silversock Original High Performance Socks
  • Silver-lined ultimate performing super socks
  • Offer thermal qualities for winter and cooling qualities for the summer
  • Will neutralise bacteria to prevent bad smells, foot odour and excessive sweating
  • Suitable for diabetes, chilblains, hyperhidrosis, Raynaud's and more 

Perspi Guard Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Spray (50ml)
  • Antiperspirant to prevent hyperhidrosis, sweat and odour
  • Suitable for using on underarms, hands, and feet
  • Apply before bed just once or twice per week
  • Easy-to-apply gentle formula in a spray bottle (50ml)

Neat 3B Action Cream 75g
  • Antiperspirant emollient cream
  • Prevents sweat rash, chafing and fungal infection
  • Ideal for athletes or for use in hot weather
  • Safe for the whole family

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items