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Supports for Stroke Patients

This product line has been especially designed for the treatment of patients after a stroke, with the objective of promoting active movements by the patient. All products are developed in close collaboration with experts, doctors and therapists to ensure optimum functionality and wearer comfort. They are made of the latest temperature-regulating material called PCM (Phase Change Material), which counteracts heat development and therefore extends the period of use.
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Ottobock WalkOn Dorsiflexion Assist Orthosis Support
  • Ottobock WalkOn Dorsiflexion Assist Support with discreet design
  • For dorsiflexor weakness with slight to moderate spasticity
  • Helps lift the foot during the swing phase for safer gait
  • Reduces the risk of stumbling and falling while walking

Ottobock Omo Neurexa Plus Shoulder Orthosis
  • Designed for single-handed application (hemiplegic use)
  • Repositions your shoulder to reduce shoulder pain
  • Particularly suitable if you've suffered from a stroke
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and improving posture

Ottobock Genu Neurexa Knee Brace
  • Stabilises knee and patella
  • Prevents hyper extension
  • Reduces collateral instability
  • Secure control over the knee

Ottobock Omo Neurexa Shoulder Support
  • Subluxation and Brachial Plexus injuries
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves posture and gait
  • Smart material regulates temperature

Sissel Press-Ball Grip Strengthener (Set of 4)
  • Set of 4 foam balls with different resistance levels
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and stroke recovery
  • Develops motor skills and finger strength
  • Singular Press-Ball also available

Sissel Press-Egg Grip Strengtheners (Set of 4)
  • Set of foam eggs with different levels of resistance
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and stroke recovery
  • Rebuilds grip strength and motor skills
  • Available as a singular Sissel Press-Egg

Sissel Press-Ball Grip Strengthener
  • Resistance ball to train hand and finger muscles
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and stroke recovery
  • Available in 4 different resistance levels
  • Colour-coded according to resistance

Sissel Press-Egg Grip Strengthener
  • Resistance egg for hand and finger muscles
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and stroke recovery
  • Rebuilds motor skills and grip strength
  • Available in 4 colour-coded resistance levels

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