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Standard Arm Slings

In this category you can find our selection of Standard Arm Slings. A standard arm sling is used to treat forearm injuries such as fractures, sprains, strains and broken bones.

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Ottobock Omo Immobil


  • Post-Op/ Post Trauma of Shoulder
  • Subcapital Fractures of Humerous
  • Abduction of 0°, 15°, 30°, 60° + 90° degrees
  • Easy to fit/ washable covers

Donjoy HSS Humeral Stabilising System Support
  • Crafted with three points of stabilisation to support you
  • Low-cost and time-efficient alternative to serial casting
  • Designed with full-circumference shells and padding
  • Ideal for immobilising your arm following an injury

Extended Humeral Fracture Brace Kit
  • Enables full range of motion at elbow
  • Sleeve can be trimmed for perfect fit
  • Shoulder cap increases stability
  • Hook and loop straps maintain compression

Standard Humeral Fracture Brace Kit
  • Sarmiento design;
  • Sleeve can be trimmed and heat moulded;
  • Universal left/right application;
  • Full kit for complete applications

Jura Abduction Sling
  • 3 point offloading harness;
  • Excellent support & comfort;
  • Lightweight breathable fabric;
  • Contoured 15°& 45° abduction pads.

Ossur Smartsling Arm Sling
  • Clever 3 in 1 design provides immobilization and/or abduction
  • Features optimal comfort and customisable straps
  • Suitable for soft tissue repairs/strains
  • Also suitable for shoulder instabilities/injuries

Jura Abduction Sling Plus
  • 3 point offloading harness;
  • Excellent support & comfort;
  • Contoured 45° abduction pad;
  • Good stability and shoulder fixation.

Donjoy Ultrasling III ER
  • Maintains shoulder and arm in an externally rotated position
  • Includes a comfortable foam pillow for added compliance
  • Designed with moisture-wicking fabric for long-term use
  • Derotational shoulder strap holds the sling in place

Brassard Sling - Black
  • A novel contemporary unisex sling.
  • Protects the arm following injury or surgery.
  • Optional waist strap for shoulder injuries.
  • Padded for comfort, two styles available.

Rolyan Hemi Arm Sling II
  • Provides unilateral and anti-subluxation support
  • Positions the humeral head in the glenoid fossa
  • Dynamic elastic straps for active movement of muscles
  • Ideally used following stroke, soft tissue injury, or ligament strain

Donjoy UltraSling ER IV Arm Sling
  • Breathable liner improves ventilation and wicks away sweat
  • Comfortable arm sling is easy to apply and remove
  • Supplied with a cushion angled at either 15° or 30°
  • Three-point strapping reduces stress on the neck

Rolyan Figure-of-8 Sling
  • Supportive sling for orthopaedic and neurological conditions
  • Supports the shoulder, elbow, and forearm
  • Strapping system helps to distribute pressure
  • Soft and comfortable strapping material for optimal support

Standard Humeral Fracture Sleeve
  • Preformed shell provides rigid support
  • Soft foam lining for improved protection
  • Effective support to reduce pain and aid recovery
  • Includes rigid shell and straps only

Ottobock Omo Immobil Sling - Abduction
  • Fixation of the shoulder at 15°;
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist belt;
  • Positionable thumb loop;
  • Comfortable waist cushion.

Standard Humeral Fracture Kit
  • Preformed shell provides rigid support
  • Soft foam lining for improved protection
  • Humeral cast socks included for comfort
  • Foam padded sling for effective immobilisation

Actimove Arm Sling
  • Designed to support arm in combination with a cast
  • Comfortable immobilisation system for the arm
  • Suitable for wrist, elbow or shoulder trauma
  • Easy to use, versatile and effective support

Arm Sling and One-Handed Kitchen Bundle
  • Bundle with an arm sling along with one-handed kitchen accessories
  • Ideal for anyone recovering from a hand or shoulder injury
  • Allows you to carry out kitchen tasks with only one arm
  • Makes it safe and easy to eat and cook with an arm sling

Bradford Arm Elevation Sling
  • Universal one size fits all
  • D-ring fitted for drip stand attachment
  • Fits left or right arms
  • Shoulder and body straps easily adjusted

4Dflexisport Black Deluxe Anti-Neckache Arm Sling
  • Unisex deep arm sling for excellent arm and shoulder support
  • Ideal for relieving neck pain caused by wearing a traditional arm sling
  • Fleece thumb loop provides an excellent hand rest, as well as alignment
  • Available in three sizes to choose from

Rolyan Abduction Sling
  • Provides shoulder abduction positioning with support
  • For separations, dislocations and strains and other shoulder injuries
  • Pillow portion rests on waist to support weight of arm
  • Fits left or right arm, available in three sizes

Aircast Arm Immobiliser
  • Available with an abduction pillow for angled support
  • Limits posterior arm mobility to reduce discomfort
  • Ideal for injuries to different areas of the arm
  • Provides secure arm and shoulder support

Ottobock Omo Immobil Sling
  • Fixation of the arm to the body;
  • Puts shoulder in internal rotation;
  • Adjustable shoulder;
  • Positionable thumb loop.

Arm Sling and Cast Protector Bundle
  • Bundle with an arm sling and cast protector
  • Provides arm immobilisation and protection in the shower
  • Limbo Cast Protector keeps cast dry in shower and bath
  • Comfortable Blue Vogue Arm Sling provides reliable immobilisation

Ossur High Arm Sling
  • Holds your arm in a raised position to facilitate healing
  • Immobilises your arm following an injury or surgery
  • Works to reduce inflammation and protect the area
  • Aids healing to help you return to your routine

Universal Arm Elevation Sling
  • Adjustable shoulder and body straps;
  • Made from coutil cotton;
  • Universal size and fits both arms;
  • D-ring strap for drip stand fitment.

Donjoy IMMO Sling and Swathe
  • Suitable as a shoulder immobiliser or arm sling
  • Designed to immobilise the shoulder or arm
  • Leaves the neck free to avoid discomfort
  • Suitable for upper extremity trauma

4Dflexisport® Grey One-Size Ultra Comfort Arm Sling
  • Waist strap secures arm to the body to prevent it from swinging out
  • Sling pocket provides shoulder support and prevents elbow from slipping out
  • Padded neck strap enables arm height adjustment 
  • Velcro at cuff opens at either side for ease of use

Elevator Arm Sling
  • Universal fitting for left or right arms
  • For elevation and normal sling use
  • Breathable foam laminate
  • Ideal for use after trauma, surgery or for Oedema control

Paediatric Arm Sling
  • Adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfort
  • Immobilises the shoudler for smoother recovery
  • Machine washable for hygiene maintainance
  • Suitable for post-surgery use, sprains and more

Trauma Arm Elevation Sling
  • Universal size;
  • Can be used as a sling or arm elevator;
  • Quality design and materials;
  • Easy to use and adjust.

Rolyan C.V.A. Arm Sling
  • Provides soft cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Supports the shoulder, hand and arm
  • Two large cuffs for hand and forearm support
  • Padded strap provides optimal comfort and support

Deluxe Arm Sling
  • Designed for immobilisation of the forearm, elbow and arm
  • Full circumferential wrist strap to provide stabilisation of the arm
  • Breathable lightweight polyester cotton sling minimises skin irritation
  • Soft padded plush foam straps with easy touch-and-close fastenings

High Arm Sling
  • Adjustable sling that can be used as a arm sling or shoulder immobiliser
  • Treat trauma and injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder and collarbone
  • Velcro strap keeps arm, shoulder and wrist immobilised against the body
  • Strap on the shoulder allows you to position the arm to your needs

Universal Swathe Sling
  • Can be used as either a shoulder immobiliser or arm sling
  • Wraparound application for a secure fit
  • Soft padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Universal size and fits either shoulder

Versatile Arm Sling
  • Versatile arm sling for single patient use
  • High quality foam construction for comfort
  • Holds the arm in an elevated position
  • Can be used with or without a neck strap

Mesh Arm Sling
  • Arm and elbow immobilisation
  • Lightweight mesh helps air circulate
  • Thumb loop limits wrist drop
  • Universal design for left and right arm

Cotton Arm Sling
  • Suitable for upper limb trauma/surgery;
  • Durable cotton;
  • D-ring adjustment straps;
  • Available in four sizes.

Thermoskin Arm Sling
  • Provides support and elevation
  • For arm and wrist related injuries
  • One size fits most
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

LP Adjustable Arm Sling
  • Immobilises the arm and shoulder to promote healing
  • Includes a deep breathable pocket for great comfort and fit
  • Features a hook and loop closure to allow adjustment
  • Made with special netting material to prevent overheating

Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling
  • Ideal for cast support, injuries to the arm, wrist or hand
  • Suitable for immobilisation and support of the arm, shoulder and elbow
  • Fully padded 2" wide foam strap with easy adjustment and application
  • Generous size envelope constructed of poly/cotton providing a comfortable fit.

Boscombe Double Arm Sling
  • Double support sling design;
  • Adjustable length;
  • Available in 3 lenghts;
  • Comfortable easy to use.

Paediatric Colourful Arm Sling
  • Sling for supporting and positioning the child's arm or shoulder
  • Fun and colourful dinosaur design to reduce distress
  • Polycotton fabric with a padded strap for enhanced comfort
  • Machine washable to ensure the child can remain active and play

Dynamix Padded Arm Sling
  • Foam padded straps prevent chafing and rubbing on neck
  • Luxury nylon fabric remains comfortable against skin
  • Immobilises the shoulder, elbow and arm during use
  • Fully adjustable in design for an improved fit

Sling & Swathe
  • Effective immobilisation;
  • Padded sling and swathe;
  • Universal to fit left and right;
  • Available in four size options.

Vitility Arm Sling - Wrist
  • Arm sling carries full arm weight
  • Helps recovery after an injury
  • Adjustable height for comfortable position
  • Easily donned or removed

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