Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray
Rhynil Stop Snoring SprayRhynil Stop Snoring SprayRhynil Stop Snoring Spray
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Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

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  • Reduce and stop snoring with this natural herbal spray
  • Suitable for mouth breathers, palatal flutter and nasal stuffiness
  • Can reduce allergies and counter sinus and nasal conditions
  • Approved by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association


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In stock now

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Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

The Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray is a herbal spray that is approved by the British Snoring Association to help reduce and stop snoring, primarily by reducing nasal stuffiness and palatal flutter. You can spray Rhynil just twice a day for the best results, while the Eyebright plant properties that are within the spray reduce allergies such as those caused by pillows, dust mites, pet hair, perfumes, cosmetics and insect sprays.

Who Can Use the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray?

The Rhynil Spray can be used to help reduce and stop snoring. It does this by reducing the two common causes of snoring, nasal stuffiness and palatal flutter. We would recommend using the spray if:

  • You suffer from common snoring
  • You are a mouth breather
  • Those with small nostrils
  • Those with collapsed nostrils
  • Those with sinus and nasal conditions
  • You suffer from nasal stuffiness
  • You suffer from palatal flutter
  • You suffer from allergies including:
    • Feather pillows
    • House dust mite
    • Perfumes
    • Cosmetics
    • Fabric softeners
    • Air fresheners
    • Insect sprays

This product is designed for those who suffer from mild to moderate snoring. If you suffer from severe snoring that is impacting quality of life, we would recommend that you take a look at the Rhynil Double Strength Stop Snoring Spray.

How Does Rhynil Stop Snoring?

The Rhynil Snoring Spray is a natural spray that uses edible leaves from the Eyebright plant, a completely human-friendly plant that is commonly used in salad leaves. The properties of the Eyebright Plant help to relieve nasal congestion and similar symptoms to make nasal breathing easier.

What Is the Eyebright Plant?

The Eyebright Plant is called such because it is commonly used to treat eye infections. It is a type of herb, and among your eyes it can also be used to relieve congestion of the nose, eye styes, eye fatigue, coughs and hoarseness. The plant is common to the heaths and meadows of the UK and Ireland especially around limestone and chalk.

How Do I Apply the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray?

To make the most of Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray please follow the below instructions:

  • Spray twice a day, before sleeping and on awakening
  • Spray twice into each nostril and spray twice onto the roof of the mouth
  • Close one nostril with your finger during application
  • Gently breathe in during use.

Approved By the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association

The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association was founded in 1991, and have since educated the population about snoring while suggesting remedies to the problem. The BSSAA accreditation has been the hallmark of all quality anti-snoring products ever since. Rhynil Spray has been approved for use by the BSSAA, giving you confidence that the product will work.

How Can the Rhynil Snoring Spray Reduce Allergies?

The spray isn't just designed for snoring, but other kinds of nasal issues too. This can include allergies, something that the Eyebright Plant has been known to be effective against in the past. Allergies that the spray may prevent include:

  • Feather allergies
  • Dust mite allergies
  • Perfume allergies
  • Cosmetics allergies
  • Fabric softener allergies
  • Air freshener allergies
  • Insect spray allergies

How Safe Is the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray?

As the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray is designed to be safe to use, and is proven by the BSSAA accreditation that it has received. The spray is natural and created using natural components, reducing any negative effects and side effects that might be felt with any other nasal medication.

How Long Do I Need to Use the Spray For It To Work?

It can take a little while for Rhynil users to start to notice a difference. For some users it will be an immediate change, and for others it can be three or four days. We recommend that you take your time and be patient, and you'll so notice that your sleep quality starts to increase.

Please note that each 35ml bottle will last for approximately 350 sprays. That's the equivalent of one months treatment.

What Rhynil Spray Users Say

Rhynil Spray has been used to stop snoring by thousands across the UK. Take a look at some of the testaments below:

  • "I have tried all sorts of things to stop snoring. My snoring had become worse over the past few months, I even tried a stop snoring pillow which was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep. So, out of desperation, I tried Rhynil spray and it works, I feel I am getting a better sleep and my children aren't yelling at me to stop snoring. This product is amazing... I'm really impressed and will definitely buy again. My only question is will I have to use this for the rest of my life?" - Sue
  • "Have sinus problems due to fractured nose, Rhynil worked instantly, helping me breathe easily and stopped my horrendous snoring on first use. I received this item in a couple of days...........excellent customer service" - Jean
  • "Such a relief to find something that actually makes a difference and apparently has no harmful side-effects." - Rose

Key Features

  • Simple spray designed to reduce snoring, allergies and nasal congestion
  • Entirely natural, coming from the commonly found Eyebright plant
  • Supplied in an easy to use 35ml bottle
  • Suitable for mouth breathers and sufferers of snoring
  • Can be applied to the roof of the mouth and each nostril
  • Dispenses 350 sprays, enough for a month's treatment

How Long Will the Spray Stay Suitable for Use?

We recommend that you use the spray within two months of opening. Each bottle has enough for 350 sprays, the equivalent to one months treatment.

What Flavour Does the Rhynil Spray Come In?

The Rhynil Spray is supplied with a slight vanilla aroma. If you would prefer spearmint, please see the listing below:

Ingredient List

  • Euphrasia tincture
  • Vanilla flavour
  • Water
  • Tri-sodium citrate
  • Citric acid anhydrous
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Stevia
  • Vanilla extract 

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Customer Reviews
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They are working for me so far
Tuesday, 2 March 2021  | 


With semi blocked nose and possible palatal flutter. These seem to work for me so far.I am sleeping much better from them. Will buy a multi pack next.

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And the man snores on.......
Thursday, 28 January 2021  | 

I had high hopes for this product. I followed the instructions to the letter. The first night was promising. However it was a false dawn. I persevered, making sure that I did all that I was supposed to offer as period of two weeks. However, this product has failed to live up to the promises made and has had no effect on my snoring whatsoever.

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Not as good as I hoped
Sunday, 13 December 2020  | 

I have noticed a slight difference but nothing significant and seems to be hit and miss as to which nights have a slight reduction in snoring, at nearly £20 a bottle I'd have expected more also stings a bit and the taste isn't great, may work better for some but sadly hasn't helped me that much.

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This review has not been appraised.

Rhynil spray
Monday, 19 August 2019  | 

Been using this for years. Keeps the tubes clear and minimises snoring.

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This review has not been appraised.

Was more hopeful
Wednesday, 24 April 2019  | 

I have been using this product for just over a week and as of yet my husband has not noticed any difference. It may be a case that it may take more time or that it's just not the product for me, so slightly disappointed that there has been no change at all as it's not a cheap nasal spray

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