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Single-Head Stethoscopes

Ideal for both clinic-based medical professionals and doctors on call, our range of Single-Head Stethoscopes are designed to ensure convenient and reliable use during patient examinations. For more information please get in touch with our Customer Services Team at

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Timesco Diamond Deluxe Cardiology Stethoscope
  • Single-head stethoscope with flexible binaurals
  • Designed for use by cardiologists
  • Zinc alloy chest piece with a PVC tube
  • Features a 50mm diameter dual chest piece 

HEINE GAMMA 3.1 Pulse Stethoscope
  • HEINE stethoscope with solid flat chest piece
  • Suitable for inserting under sphygmomanometer cuff
  • Includes ear olives for fine acoustic performance
  • Features a diameter of 44mm and a length of 56cm

Timesco Ruby Single-Head Stethoscope
  • Single-head stethoscope in a choice of colours
  • Designed for easy listening to patient breathing
  • Aluminium alloy chest piece with a PVC tube
  • Features a 47mm diameter chest piece 

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