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Shower Stretchers and Trolleys

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Linido Swimming Pool Shower Trolley
  • Manufactured from Polished Staninless Steel;
  • Adjustable backrest and height;
  • Two hinged side fences;
  • HT-cover material;

Timo Electric Shower Trolley
  • Shower trolley to enable easy care and bathing of patients
  • Ideal for making bathing comfortable for patients and carers
  • Fully battery-operated height and tilt adjustment
  • Offers Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions

Timo Hydraulic Shower Trolley
  • Enables easy patient care.
  • Can be set to a vertical position to clean.
  • Heigh adjustable.
  • A safe working load of 230kg.

Linido Height Adjustable Shower Trolley
  • HT-Cover Material;
  • Height adjustable via hydraulic pump;
  • Two hinged side fences;
  • Available in 3 lengths;

Linido Removable Side Rails
  • Shower trolley/stretcher side rails
  • Removable and Hinged versions
  • INcludes plastic mounting clamps

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items