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Etac Rufus Plus Shower Stool
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Safe and sturdy design;
  • Enables the user to feel safe;
  • Can handle up to 200 kg (441 Ibs).

Modular Bariatric Percher Chair
  • Strong, heavy duty bariatric frame
  • Comfortable polyurethane seat/back
  • Adjustable back inclination
  • Easy to clean, non-slip feet

Extra-Low Perching Stool for Shorter Users
  • Available with moulded PU foam padding or vinyl-covered foam padding
  • Soft, padded seats are slightly angled for easier sitting and rising
  • Ideal for use around the home, such as in the kitchen
  • Allows shorter users to sit at a comfortable height

Homecraft Sherwood Plus Bariatric Shower Stool
  • Cross-braced construction provides ultra strong seating support
  • Extra wide shower stool that's excellent for larger users
  • Has generously-padded seats for additional comfort
  • Stool is height adjustable using pin clips

Extra-Wide Bariatric Perching Shower Stool
  • Supplied with non-marking slip-resistant rubber tips
  • Manufactured from robust powder-coated steel
  • Generously padded for additional comfort
  • Has a wide frame for bariatric users

Invacare Folding Shower Chair R8804-60
  • Armrest provides additional support when transferring weight
  • Features a backrest for improved support and comfort
  • Anatomically shaped seat surface improves comfort
  • Wall mounted and folds away to save space

Linido Shower Stool with Armrest
  • Soft, removable seat;
  • Height adjustable legs;
  • Slatted seat for drainage;
  • Continuous, fixed  armrests;

Homecraft Chester Shower Stool with Front Cut-Out
  • Legs have large rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • Has a front cut-out to aid personal cleansing
  • Rubber feet help spread the weight load
  • Has a padded seat for extra comfort

Invacare Folding Shower Seat R8802
  • A space-saving shower seat that folds away for convenience
  • Easy to assemble for convenience
  • Curved seat to provide comfort
  • Provides comfort and support when in use

Cefndy Height Adjustable Shower Stool
  • Perforated shower stool
  • Choose from Mediatric, Bariatric or Super Bariatric widths
  • Seat easily clips on and off
  • Fully height adjustable

Ocean Heavy-Duty Bariatric Shower Stool
  • Shower Stool is flat packed and easy to assemble
  • Has two armrests and handles built into seat
  • Stool is lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Has an extra wide seat for larger users

Homecraft Days White Line Shower Stool
  • Has a cut-out seat to enable easier personal cleansing
  • Uses a lightweight, corrosion-resistant design
  • Has a height-adjustable aluminium frame
  • Supplied flat packed with tools included

Etac Smart Shower Stool
  • Soft contoured seats;
  • Anti slip pattern surface;
  • Effectively drains off water;
  • Legs can easily be adjusted.

Homecraft Corner Shower Stool
  • Seat covered with padded waterproof vinyl
  • Fits neatly in the corner of the shower
  • Has a sturdy, height-adjustable frame
  • Suitable for virtually any shower tray

Etac Easy Shower Stool
  • Soft contoured seats;
  • Anti slip pattern surface;
  • Effectively drains off water;
  • Legs can easily be adjusted.

Etac Swift  Shower Stool
  • Stable on uneven floors;
  • Adaptable to different needs;
  • Add on parts if circumstances change;
  • Comfortable shape with drainage holes.

Etac Edge Shower Stool
  • Height adjustable;
  • Fits perfectly in a corner;
  • Stable, safe and comfortable;
  • Can tilt to facilitate standing up.

Homecraft Days White Line Aluminium Corner Shower Stool
  • Shower stool with lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium frame
  • Flat packed and easy to assemble with supplied tools
  • Moulded plastic seat provides you with more comfort
  • Fits neatly in the corner of a shower cubicle

Invacare Variable Soft Seat
  • Adaptable soft seat for individual preference
  • Horseshoe recess to provide support and comfort
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Soft and comfortable to ensure comfort

Invacare Aquatec Galaxy Shower Chair
  • Folding chair ideal for storage and travelling purpose
  • Can come either with or without a hygiene recess so adaptable for user's needs
  • It is height adjustable, meaning it can be altered to suit their needs
  • Soft backrest provides additional support for the user

Round Shower Stool
  • Ideal where space is limited;
  • Height adjustable with 10 options; 
  • For users with low stamina/unstable balance;
  • Ideal for use at the washbasin or during showering.

Drive Medical - All Purpose Stool with Adjustable Arms
  • Comfortable padding on seat and back;
  • Angled seat to facilitate sitting and raising;
  • Removable/adjustable arm supports;
  • Easy assembly and adjustable height.

Etac Staple Hygiene Stool
  • Reliable stool or step.
  • For stepping in and out of the bath.
  • For use as a footstool when using the toilet.
  • Plastic removable top for easy cleaning.

Malvern Vinyl Seat Perching Stool - Adjustable Height Stool
  • Portable perching stools;
  • Soft padded vinyl seats;
  • Durable Epoxy coated steel frame;
  • Adjustable height.

Homecraft Days White Line Shower Stool with Arms
  • Includes armrests for extra support when getting on and off stool
  • Has a cut-out seat to enable easier personal cleansing
  • Stool is supplied flat packed with tools included
  • Uses a lightweight, corrosion-resistant design

Invacare Aquatec Pico Shower Stool
  • Modified with different components to suit the individual's needs
  • Height adjustable legs for ease of use
  • Rubber tipped feet to provide stability even when wet
  • Optional armrests allow easy lowering or rising

Invacare Aquatec Sansibar Folding Shower Chair
  • Wall mounted folding shower chair to save space
  • Large hygiene recess to make personal hygiene easier
  • Height adjustable legs to suit individual's needs
  • Adjustable feet to provide support on uneven flooring

Homecraft Adjustable Height Perching Shower Stool
  • Rubber leg tips that are non marking and slip resistant are supplied
  • Frame is slightly lower at front to give seat a slight incline
  • Robust frame is manufactured from powder-coated steel
  • Grey vinyl seat and back upholstery is fully sealed

Homecraft Aluminium Shower Stool
  • Has a lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium frame
  • Seat's built in handles give you additional support
  • Has moulded plastic seats for added comfort
  • Holes in the seat aid water drainage

Invacare Alize Shower Stool with Arms
  • A stable shower stool for easy use when showering
  • Height-adjustable to suit the individual's needs
  • Hygiene recess to make personal washing easier
  • Fixed armrests for added support and stability for the individual user

Ocean Shower Stool with Contoured Seat
  • Optional curved backrest available for additional support
  • Shower Stool's shaped seat fits body more comfortably
  • Has an aluminium frame and moulded plastic seat
  • Raised edges of seat have gripping handles

Homecraft Sherwood Perching Shower Stool
  • Widely spaced legs for stability with large rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • Sturdy, stable stool that can hold maximum weight of 24st (153kg)
  • Luxury padded seats for additional comfort and support
  • Frames are lower at the front so the seat slopes

Economy Foldable Shower Stool
  • Portable folding stool
  • Corrosion resisitant
  • High quality moulded plastic seat
  • Ideal for travel use

Homecraft Adjustable Height Aluminium Shower Stool (Pre-Assembled)
  • Pre-packaged so you don't have to assemble yourself
  • Shower stool can be adjusted according to your height
  • Legs have rubber ferrules to prevent movement
  • Has a moulded plastic seat for added comfort

Etac Beauty Backwasher
  • Reaches all over the back; 
  • Stays light & balanced even when wet;
  • Avoid straining hands, arms or shoulders;
  • Replaceable wash cloth washes effectively.

Homecraft Adjustable Height Shower Stool
  • Has a lightweight aluminium frame so you can carry it around
  • Stool's clip-on plastic seat can easily be removed for cleaning
  • Handles on side of seat provide you with additional support
  • Can support a maximum user weight of 25 stone (160kg)

Invacare Aquatec Pico Shower Stool Components
  • Additional support for use with the Pico Shower Stool
  • Can be used individually or together
  • Adaptable to suit the user's needs
  • Armrests or backrests available

Replacement Seat for the Cefndy S10 Adjustable Bath/Shower Stool
  • Ideal as a spare or replacement part
  • Easy clip-on design
  • Perforation for effective drainage
  • Suitable for use with the Cefndy S10 Shower Stool

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