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Shoe Cleaning

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Luxury Leather Shoe Polish Kit
  • Bundle of our best shoe care products
  • Includes leather polish, a shoe brush, a shoe horn and spray
  • Natural beeswax shoe polish brings out the shine in shoes
  • Horsehair shoe brush excels at removing lint and dirt

Luxury Leather Shoe Care Kit
  • Bundle of high quality leather care products
  • Includes brush, shoe horn, leather polish and waterproof spray
  • For keeping your leather shoes in top working condition
  • Extra long 21" shoe horn suitable for elderly and bad backs

Luxury Suede Shoe Cleaning Kit
  • Luxury selection of our top suede leather cleaners
  • Ideal for those with suede and nubuck leather shoes
  • Suede cream and cleansing spray for full restoration
  • Includes a 21 inch shoe horn for those with bad backs

Vernagel Absorbent Cleaning Powder
  • Powder for absorbing fluids and preventing spillages
  • Minimises residual odour and reduces cross-infection risks
  • Can be used in urinals or for soaking up floor spillages
  • Can be purchased in sachets or as a loose powder

Collonil Rustical Spray
  • Waterproofing spray;
  • For waxed or greased leathers;
  • With UV colour protection;
  • Allows leather to breathe.

Collonil Clean and Care Foam for Leather
  • Deep cleaning foam that does not discolour material
  • For all leathers, nubuck, suede and textiles
  • Suitable for bags, jackets and shoes
  • Propellant and solvent free

Collonil Colour Stop Spray 100ml
  • Gentle colour blocker;
  • Stops colours bleeding;
  • For use on leather or suede;
  • New, improved recipe.

Hewitts Goats Hair Brush for Leather Cleaning
  • Extremely soft brush for leather cleaning
  • Suitable for all leather shoes
  • Made from goats hair for gentle treatment
  • Can be used on bags, shoes, clothing and boots

Pedag ECO Line Deep Conditioner for Leather Cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly leather conditioning
  • Suitable for most leathers and textiles
  • Locks in moisture and nourishes shoes
  • Solvent-free and 98% biodegradable

Pedag ECO Line Natural Shoe Protector and Waterproofer
  • Effective protection against water and dirt
  • Suitable for protecting all types of material
  • Ideal for shoes, boots, trainers and bags
  • Water-based and biodegradable

Pedag ECO Line Pure Cleanser for Shoe Cleaning
  • Ethical but powerful shoe cleaner in 220ml bottle
  • Ideal for leather, textiles, nubuck and suede
  • Can be used on shoes, trainers and bags
  • Biodegradable and solvent-free

Collonil 1909 Lotion for Leather Care
  • Premium lotion for the finest leather
  • Suitable for use on bags and shoes
  • Deep conditioning with aloe vera extract
  • Revives and brightens colour

Collonil Sneaker Shoe Wash Set
  • Trainer wash set with laundry bag
  • For use with trainers and sports shoes
  • Revitalises and refreshes canvas shoes
  • Eliminates bacteria and odour

Collonil Supreme Crème de Luxe Leather Polish
  • Highest grade leather polish
  • For use on the finest leathers
  • Suitable for smooth and aniline calf leathers
  • Contains natural cedar oil 

Hewitts Horse-Hair Brush for Leather
  • Natural and luxurious horse-hair leather brush
  • Suitable for even the most delicate leather
  • Ideal for cleaning shoes, bags and more
  • Available in four sizes and two colours

Shoeboy's Heritage Eco Suede Restore Liquid 100ml
  • Restorative solution that brings life to faded suede shoes
  • Ideal for restoring and protecting any colour finish of suede
  • Protects against moisture and dirt with light waterproofing
  • Sponge applicator helps apply the product exactly where needed

Shoeboy's Heritage Eco Water Proofer 200ml
  • Pump-activated 200ml bottle of water proofer
  • Keeps shoes clean and pristine from dirt
  • Natural organic and powerful water-based active ingredients
  • Made with no propellants or PFC

Shoeboy's Heritage Organic Beeswax Leather Shoe Polish 90ml
  • Pump-activated 90ml bottle of leather shoe dressing
  • Ideal for buffing up and shining your shoes
  • Bottle constructed from 100% recycled materials
  • Natural organic beeswax, almond oil and shea butter

Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Stain Removal Cleaning Lotion 140ml
  • Cleaning lotion for dirt and stains on leather shoewear
  • Ideal for people with dirty shoes and trainers
  • Supplied in a 140ml pump-dispenser bottle
  • Bottle constructed from 100% recycled materials

Shoeboy's Heritage Eco Shoe Odour Refresher 100ml
  • Spray bottle of shoe refresher that kills odour
  • For effectively killing shoe odours and bacteria
  • Supplied in a 100ml pump-dispenser bottle
  • Natural organic and powerful water-based active ingredients

Hewitts Cordovan Leather Polishing Cream
  • Polish suitable for high-quality leather
  • Available in five tones to suit most leathers
  • Ingredients include cedar oil and beeswax
  • Supplied in a 100ml container

Hewitts Curved Horse Hair Brush for Leather Cleaning
  • Natural and luxurious horse hair brush for leather
  • Suitable for use on all types of leather
  • Ideal for cleaning shoes, bags and jackets
  • Perfect size to be held comfortably in the palm

Collonil Rustical Lotion for Suede Conditioning
  • Waterproofs and conditions leathers
  • Preserves oily suede or nubuck leather
  • Brightens dull colour to restore your items
  • Contains natural beeswax

Pedag ECO Line Active Fresh Shoe Deodorant Spray
  • Refreshing eco-friendly shoe deodorant
  • Suitable for shoes, sports clothing and bags
  • Appropriate for all materials
  • Eco-friendly 99% biodegradable spray

Pedag Sportsline Power Shoe Cleaner
  • Unbeatable cleaning gel for shoes
  • Suitable for sports shoes and sandals
  • Useful for leather, suede and textiles
  • Includes built-in rubber brush for easy application

Nuvo Sport Fresh Women's Cottonfresh Odour Removal Spray
  • Keeps your sports and fitness gear fresh for longer
  • 100% natural; better for your equipment
  • Longer lifespan for your kit
  • Fresh, floral scent for an improved odour

Collonil 1909 Cream for Leather Care
  • Cream to protect and care for leather
  • Ideal for all leather goods
  • Includes an easy to use sponge applicator
  • Brightens and revives colour

Collonil Classic Shoe Cleaner Block
  • Coarse leather cleaning rubber
  • Removes stubborn stains and greasy marks
  • Suitable for any suede
  • Handy size fits any bag

Collonil 1909 Wax Polish for Fine Leather
  • Wax polish to give long-lasting shine to leather goods
  • Suitable for smooth calf and polished leathers
  • Can be used on clothing, bags, boots and shoes
  • Available in five colours to suit your leather

Collonil Brass Combi Brush for Leather Cleaning
  • Cleaning brush for robust leather
  • Suitable for suede and nubuck
  • Dual bristles for loosening dirt and cleaning stitching
  • Easy to use and fits comfortably in a bag

Collonil Crepe Brush for Suede Cleaning
  • Gentle but effective cleaning brush for suede
  • Suitable for shoes, jackets and bags
  • Removes marks and stains from suede
  • Dual bristle design ideal for deep cleaning

Collonil Nylon Combi Brush for Leather Cleaning
  • Cleaning brush for stubborn dirt
  • Suitable for suede and oily leather
  • Tough nylon bristles for a deep clean
  • Easy to use and fits in a bag

Collonil Organic Protect and Care Waterproofing Spray for Leather
  • Natural formula gives powerful protection
  • Useful for leather, nubuck and textiles
  • To use on bags, clothing, boots and shoes
  • Contains olive oil for natural restoration

Collonil Sole Guard Liquid Waterproofer
  • Effective leather sole guard
  • Protects shoes and boots from water
  • Prolongs durability and wear
  • Includes applicator sponge

Collonil Waterproofing Gel for Leather
  • Powerful and effective leather waterproofing
  • Protects all leathers, including suede and nubuck
  • Available in 50ml or 230ml container
  • Can be used on boots, shoes, clothing and bags

Hewitts Premium Wax Leather Polish
  • Premium high shine polish for leather
  • Available in seven different shades
  • Suitable for use on all leather
  • Contains almond oil and beeswax

Collonil Delicate Cream for Leather Care
  • Gentle cream for leather care
  • Ideal for handbags and upholstery
  • For use on soft, smooth leather
  • Revives and restores colour

Collonil Gel for Leather Care
  • Gentle cleaning gel
  • For use on smooth or synthetic leathers
  • Suitable for bags and shoes
  • Revives and brightens colour

Collonil Organic Bamboo Lotion for Leather
  • Natural and effective cleaning spray
  • Suitable for all leather and suede
  • Can be used on bags, clothing, shoes and boots
  • Natural bamboo extract for extra moisture

Collonil Nubuk Box for Suede Cleaning
  • Easy-to-use rubber cleaning block
  • For use on suede and nubuck leathers
  • Suitable for bags, clothes and shoes
  • Removes dirt and stains 

Collonil Soft Gum Gentle Leather Cleaner
  • Soft cleaning rubber ideal for leather
  • For suede, smooth leather and nubuck
  • Effective cleaning of clothing and shoes
  • Easily washable for continued performance

Hewitts Horse Hair Application Brush for Leather Cleaning
  • Soft brush for leather cleaning
  • Suitable for use on all leather
  • Made from horse hair for gentle treatment
  • Can be used on bags, shoes, clothing and boots

Euroleathers Combi Brush for Suede Cleaning
  • Cleaning brush with multiple features
  • Suitable for suede and oiled leather
  • Easy to use and fits comfortably in a bag
  • Rubber bristles suitable for even delicate leather

Euroleathers Small Brass Brush for Suede Cleaning
  • Cleaning brush with wire bristles
  • Suitable for suede and oiled leather
  • Can be used on shoes, boots, jackets and bags
  • Easy to use and fits comfortably in a bag

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