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Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed
Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided BedSafespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided BedSafespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed
Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided BedSafespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided BedSafespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed
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Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed

  • Safe environment for those at risk of falling or hurting themselves
  • Suitable for those who rock, thrash, push or kick
  • Robust enough for adults and children
  • Ideal for users with limited mobility
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Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed

The Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed has been designed to create a safe environment for individuals with limited mobility or conditions that may put them at risk of becoming hurt in a standard bed. It is ideal for for use at home, in schools, and in care environments.

What's Included with the CosyFit Bed?

The following items are included:

  • 1 x CosyFit Bed (3 Reinforced Padded Side Panels, 1 Opening Side)
  • 1 x CosyFit Standard Mattress

What Is the Safespace CosyFit Bed?

The Safespace CosyFit Safe Bed has been designed as a safe environment to improve safety for children and adults at risk of falling out of bed or becoming hurt or injured when using a wooden or metal bed. It features three reinforced padded side panels and one opening front side, with a mattress provided as standard for optimal comfort and reassurance.

Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed

Who Can Benefit from the CosyFit High-Sided Bed?

The CosyFit Safe Bed is particularly suited to both children and adults with complex needs or limited mobility. It can improve safety during relaxation and sleep for individuals with autism, epilepsy, challenging behaviours, or limited mobility. It is also robust enough to accommodate children and adults who may thrash, rock, or kick.

Please note that, if the intended user is able to efficiently walk, stand, pull to standing, or climb, the Safespace Sensory Safe Room may be a more practical option.

How Can the CosyFit Bed Help Carers and Family Members?

In addition to providing potentially vulnerable children or adults with a safe place to play, relax, and sleep, the Safespace CosyFit Bed can provide carers and family members with peace of mind that their client or loved one is safe and secure in their own personal space. By providing the user with a more relaxed atmosphere, it can also help carers to encourage play and interaction.

As the CosyFit Bed features no hard surfaces, it eliminates the risk of any harsh noises. Not only does this create a less stressful atmosphere, but it can also allow the user to feel more included with family members or peers as they may feel more inclined to interact in a quieter environment.

The CosyFit Safe Bed Provides Peace Of Mind And Offers Safety And Comfort

Where Can the CosyFit High-Sided Bed Be Used?

Due to the versatile nature of the CosyFit Safe Bed, it can be utilised in a wide range of environments. Suitable uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • At Home: CosyFit Bed can be used as a bed or safe play space for a child or adult in the comfort of their own home. This provides them with a familiar consistent space to call their own, and this in turn can improve their wellbeing by offering them comfort, reassurance, and a place to be alone.
  • During Therapy: If a child or adult undergoes therapy, providing them with a soft and safe environment may improve their responsiveness. Not only will the CosyFit improve safety for users with limited mobility or those who typically use a wheelchair, but providing reassurance of safety can help patients to open up more.
  • Care Homes: Residents in care homes may have limited mobility or complex emotional needs, and by installing a CosyFit bed these needs can be met more easily. The versatile nature ensures it can accommodate the individual requirements of a wide range of residents as and when required, providing great value for money over time.
  • In Schools: Children have varying needs, and school environments can be very stressful. By providing CosyFits for children to use, whether they have challenging behaviours or simply require some quiet time, it can help to improve their emotional wellbeing. 
  • Respite Care: Due to the ability to dismantle and store the CosyFit with ease, it is ideal for use by carers, foster carers, and family members providing respite care. Whether respite care is provided for an individual on a regular basis, or if a foster carer requires full preparation to accommodate any vulnerable child, ensuring the CosyFit bed is at hand can significantly improve the quality of respite care.

Please note that the CosyFit Safe Bed must be positioned at least 46cm away from any wall or hard surface. This is to ensure that optimal safety and comfort is provided.

Is a Mattress Included with the Safespace CosyFit Bed?

A Safespace mattress is included with the CosyFit Safe Bed as standard. This mattress is covered in a strong waterproof PVC for hygienic use, and is designed to fit snugly inside the CosyFit bed.

How Interactive Is the CosyFit Bed?

When used as a play area or relaxing safe space, the CosyFit Bed may encourage interaction between the user and their loved ones or carers. The front panel can be fully opened and fastened to one side to ensure the user can continue to feel included without compromise to their safety.

The CosyFit safe space can be used as a play area, making it an ideal personal space for storing beloved soft toys, cushions, and other comforting personal items. For users with autism, anxiety, or complex emotional needs, the Safespace Sensory Fibre Optics Kit is ideal for providing a calming and engaging bright light source.

The CosyFit Safe Bed Encourages Interaction Without Compromising Safety

What CosyFit Bed Sizes Are Available?

The Safespace CosyFit Safe High-Sided Bed is available in a range of sizes, based on single, double, and king mattresses. The sides are available in a choice of heights, as detailed in the table below. Please note that the mattress features a 15cm (5.9") depth, and that all measurements are based on the internal sizes of the bed.

Size Side Height (inches) Dimensions (LxW)
Single 24" 36 x 72"
Single 30" 36 x 72"
Single 36" 36 x 72"
Single 42" 36 x 72"
Single 48" 36 x 72"
Double 48" 48 x 72"
King 48" 72 x 72"
Single 58" 36 x 72"
Double 58" 38 x 72"
King 58" 72 x 72"

Your required size can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Key Features and Benefits of the Cosyfit High-Sided Bed

  • Designed to improve safety for individuals at risk of hurting themselves in a wooden or metal bed
  • Robust design suitable for adults and children who may rock or thrash about
  • Soft and safe environment ideal for individuals otherwise restricted to a wheelchair
  • Large viewing panel allows light in to create a more appealing space when relaxing
  • No  hard surfaces for a reduction in harsh noises
  • Improves peace of mind for carers by reducing the risk of injury
  • Front panel can be fully opened and fastened to the side for more space
  • Easy to dismantle and store or transport for occasional use
  • Suitable for use with a ceiling track hoist or adapted for use with a mobile hoist

Where Can I Find Out More about the CosyFit Bed?

Please see the video below for more information about the Cosyfit Safe Bed. This case study highlights how the Cosyfit has been used to support a young boy who suffers from seizures and disturbed sleep patterns.

Returns Policy - This Item Is Not Returnable On Grounds Of Hygiene

This item is non-returnable and non-refundable on grounds of hygiene.

Please note, Health and Care is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene for all of its products and for this reason this item is non-refundable and non-returnable if unsuitable or unwanted on grounds of hygiene.

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