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Sensors for Chemistry

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Edu-Logger CO2 Logger Sensor
  • Electromechanical reaction between CO² and the sensor.
  • Voltage measured by the logger sensor.
  • Measurement units ppm.
  • A bottle adapted to the sensor is supplied.

Edu-Logger Infrared Thermometer Sensor
  • Measures temperature remotely.
  • Uses an infra red high accuracy sensor.
  • Saves up to 5 experiments in its flash memory.
  • System allows wireless connection.

Edu-Logger Oxygen Logger Sensor
  • For lab or field use; 
  • Measure level of free-oxygen;
  • Use during combustion or reactions;
  • Measure dissolved oxygen in water.

Edu-Logger EKG Logger Sensor
  • To measure the electrocardiogram.
  • Does not use disposable electrodes.
  • Saves up to 5 experiments in its flash memory.
  • Calibration is done by pressing a push-button.

Edu-Logger Graphic Display Unit
  • Used to run experiments without a PC.
  • Displays measurements in digital and graphical forms.
  • Used to program the sensor experiment set up.
  • To view the input from up to five sensors at a time.

Edu-Logger Flow Rate Logger Sensor
  • Measures water flow.
  • Includes a rotation wheel for water flow.
  • Includes inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Speed measured by magnetic field changes.

Edu-Logger Blood Pressure Sensor
  • Measures air pressure in the pressure cuff.
  • Sensor with 3 ranges.
  • Takes the systolic blood pressure.
  • Uses a blood pressure graph.

Edu-Logger Colorimeter Logger Sensor
  • Measures transmittance and absorbance of light.
  • Opening for a special square solution cuvette.
  • Turns on 4 different lights.
  • Includes 3 cuvettes.

Edu-Logger Conductivity Logger Sensor
  • Probe with two flat electrodes.
  • Conductivity calculated by testing signal behaviour.
  • 3 ranges for displaying solution conductivity.
  • Range includes ppm (part per million).

Edu-Logger Acceleration Logger Sensor
  • 3D acceleration sensor.
  • System allows wireless connection.
  • Saves up to 5 experiments in flash memory.
  • Experiments run with or without a computer.

Edu-Logger Force Logger Sensor
  • Measures mass to weight relationship.
  • Measures push/pull forces and impacts.
  • Force sensor contained in a metal box.
  • Hook at bottom of the box that can be connected to loads.

Edu-Logger Soil Moisture Logger Sensor
  • Saves up to 5 experiments
  • Full data acquisition system; 
  • Robust hardware and attractive design
  • Measure vacuum pressure in tensiometer.

Edu-Logger Drop Counter Logger Sensor
  • Counts drops and bubbles automatically.
  • Perfect for titrations.
  • Combined with the pH sensor giving a titration curve.
  • Saves up to 5 experiments in its flash memory.

Edu-Logger pH Logger Sensor
  • For lab or field use; 
  • Easy to use and maintain; 
  • Durable and designed for long life; 
  • Measure static pH values of common liquids.

Edu-Logger Pressure Logger Sensor
  • Monitor gas chemical reactions
  • Sends data to a viewer unit 
  • Robust hardware & attractive design
  • Useful in  studies of weather phenomena.

Edu-Logger Barometer Logger Sensor
  • Measures atmospheric barometric pressure.
  • Saves up to 5 experiments in flash memory.
  • System allows wireless connection.
  • Experiments run with or without a computer.

Edu-Logger Heart Rate and Pulse Logger Sensor
  • Used to monitor and compare pulse rates.
  • Used to show how blood volume/flow rates vary.
  • Two modes of operation.
  • Electrodes are plethysmograph based.

Edu-Logger Humidity Logger Sensor
  • To measure relative humidity.
  • To record variations of weather conditions.
  • To record the biological effect on organisms.
  • System allows wireless connection.

Edu-Logger Light Logger Sensor
  • Versatile with applications in areas of natural science.
  • Used to study photosynthesis.
  • Used to study light-emitting chemical reactions.
  • Used to study changing voltage.

Edu-Logger Light Gate Logger Sensor
  • Used to study various kinds of motion.
  • 5 modes of operation, time, velocity or acceleration.
  • Can be measured with one or two photo gates.
  • Modes of operation selected by clicking on icons.

Edu-Logger Current Logger Sensor
  • Used to measure the current in circuits.
  • To investigate the dependence of current through components.
  • 4mm plugs.
  • Easily connected to electric circuits.

Edu-Logger RF Module
  • Sends data to a viewer unit 
  • No need for blue tooth or wi-fi; 
  • Use as part of a sensor set up;
  • Allows remote operation of sensors.


Edu-Logger Temperature Logger Sensor
  • Versatile sensor; 
  • Monitor ecological systems;
  • Use for photosynthesis experiments;
  • Study exothermic & endothermic reactions.

Edu-Logger Surface Temperature Logger Sensor
  • Celsius and  Fahrenheit; 
  • Very simple operation;
  • Saves up to 5 experiments;
  • Put on any surface or in water.

Page 1 of 1:    24 Items