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IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding
  • Made from super-absorbent material
  • Washable incontinence protection
  • Can be placed on a wheelchair
  • Available in four different sizes

Mattress Cover Positioning Aid
  • Positioning mattress cover with drawstring
  • Use under bed sheet to facilitate repositioning
  • Ideal for mobility in bed for bedridden users
  • Can be used with all types of mattresses

TopSheet Large Positioning Aid
  • Ideal for low-mobility patients who need turning frequently
  • Moisture barrier prevents moisture from leaking through
  • Available with a protective cover or mattress cover
  • Made from super-absorbent, low-friction materials

TopSheet Small Positioning Aid
  • Designed for patients that need to be turned frequently
  • Perfect accompaniment to the TurnSheet or WendyLett
  • Very suitable for nervous users in palliative care
  • Manufactured from super absorbent material

TurnSheet Medium Sliding Aid
  • Perfect for those at risk of developing pressure sores
  • Anti-slip side panels to stop patient from sliding out
  • Facilitates turning and changing positions in bed
  • Lies on top of a variety of mattress covers

TurnSheet Small Sliding Aid
  • Features Velcro strip that fasten top of a mattress cover
  • Ideal for those with back problems or pelvic conditions
  • Anti-slip surfaces at the sides to prevent slipping out
  • Enables easy turning and changing position in bed
 Search for:    turnsheet

Page 1 of 1:    6 Results