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Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo Magnetic Bracelet
  • Negative ion fused core producing over 1,500 negative ions per second
  • Strong climbing rope-inspired braided cord construction
  • Easy magnetic push-fit fastening
  • Available in a range of colours

Trion:Z Zen Loop Duo Magnetic Bracelet
  • Powerful magnetic bracelet in a casual style
  • Perfect for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism
  • Popular among professional and amateur athletes
  • Features 4 x 1000 Gauss magnets with ANSPO technology

Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Knee Support
  • Knee support that feels like a second skin
  • Copper and compression combine to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Suitable to be worn for long periods of time
  • Moisture wicking, absorbent and quick-drying for comfort

Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Elbow Support
  • Helps reduce the pain caused by conditions such as tennis elbow
  • Feels like a second skin with an optimum fit due to high elasticity
  • Moisture wicking, absorbent and quick-drying to keep you comfortable
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue through copper and compression

Trion:Z Copper Skin:Z Calf Sleeves
  • High elasticity ensures optimum fit that feels like a second skin
  • Compression helps reduce muscle fatigue by controlling muscle vibrations
  • Moisture wicking, absorbent and quick-drying 
  • Matches your body's movements for ultimate comfort

Trion Z Ultra Loop
  • Silicone magnetic bracelet
  • Pain relieving magnetic therapy
  • Clean, stylish design
  • Available in three sizes

Trion:Z Maxi Loop Magnetic Bracelet
  • Features 2 x 1000 Gauss magnets with ANSPO technology 
  • Japanese medical approval and a Class 1 CE mark
  • Flexible, waterproof silicone band for an active lifestyle
  • Available in three sizes and five different colours

Mag Titan Tiamo Magnetic Bracelet
  • 4 ferrite magnets.
  • Adjustable universal size.
  • Comfortable and light.
  • Elegant and sophisticated design.







 Search for:    trion:z

Page 1 of 1:    18 Results