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EasyBelt Hug Patient Transfer Belt
  • Provides additional support without extra effort from carer
  • Colour coding on control looks to simplify size controlling
  • Horizontal handles 'hug' onto user to keep belt in place
  • Facilitates sitting and standing transfers without strain

EasyBelt Patient Transfer Belt
  • Facilitates patient transfers without excess strain
  • Complements many other manual transfer aids
  • Manufactured from moisture-resistant material
  • Strong and adjustable quick-connect buckle

EasyGlide Extra Long Transfer Board
  • Used for lying transfers from bed to hospital trolley
  • Underside contains an anti-slip surface for safety
  • Can be cleaned with 70% ethanol or 45% isopropanol
  • Can be used for gaps as wide as 15cm (6")

EasyGlide Oval Transfer Board
  • For easy supine transfers or placing a lifting sling
  • Useful if a patient cannot be turned to the side
  • Facilitates the placing of an x-ray cassette
  • Supplied as a Single or a Pair at a saving

EasyGlide Plastic Transfer Board
  • Anti-slip protection on the underside provides for safety and security
  • Rounded corners and a smooth, easy-clean, low-friction top surface
  • Ideal to even out height differences and bridging short distances
  • Transfers users from wheelchairs to beds, toilets and car seats

FlexiBelt Hug Patient Transfer Belt
  • New horizontal handles 'hug' onto user to keep belt in place
  • Provides more support without additional effort from carer
  • Colour coding on control loops to simplify size controlling
  • Facilitates safe and easy sitting and standing transfers

FlexiBelt Patient Transfer Belt
  • Reduces strain placed on caregiver during transfers
  • Facilitates patient transfers, standing and walking
  • Outer material made from moisture-resistant nylon
  • Velvet innerside makes it comfortable to wear

FootStool Patient Transferring Aid
  • Can be used alongside other manual transfer aids
  • Facilitates sitting transfer from bed to wheelchair
  • Supports a patient's feet during visits to the toilet
  • Plastic doesn't slide on the underlying surface

MoveMaster Sliding Mat
  • Allows users for be transferred from bed to wheelchair
  • Soft padding enables comfortable and gentle transfers
  • Reinforced seams provide extra strength and durability
  • Facilitates easy transfers even for single caregivers

ReadyMove Patient Standing Aid
  • Facilitates sit-to-stand patient transfers
  • Compatible to use with a sliding board
  • Safe and secure handles for a firm grip
  • Small, convenient and easy to use
 Search for:    easyglide board

Page 1 of 1:    10 Results