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Donjoy Armor Professional Knee Brace With Fourcepoint
  • The ultimate ACL knee brace providing support to the knee joint
  • Designed specifically for skiing, motorcross, extreme sports and contact sports 
  • Suitable for moderate to severe ACL instabilities, reconstruction and deficiencies
  • Provides unbeatable supports and prevents hyperextension of the knee

Donjoy Tru Pull Advanced Knee Support
  • Dynamically pulls the patella during extension
  • Available with hinges for additional support
  • Breathable materials makes the brace light
  • Helps to reduce anterior pain during use

Thuasne Access Three-Panel Knee Splint
  • Adjustable tightening straps for you to choose support level
  • Three panels to adjust to most leg circumferences
  • Ideal for use before and after surgery on the knee
  • Immobilises the knee in the extended position

Donjoy Full Force Knee Brace with Fourcepoint
  • Uses four-points-of-leverage technology for support
  • Ideal for active patients, leisure sports or daily living
  • Mouldable frame provides a custom fit for comfort
  • Low profile and lightweight for prolonged use

Donjoy Armor Professional Knee Brace
  • One of the strongest functional knee braces on the market
  • Made of lightweight but strong aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Ideal for ACL, PCL and combined instabilities
  • Designed for skiing and contact sports

Donjoy OA Nano Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
  • Helps offload pressure and stress on the knee
  • Malleable magnesium frame offers a better fit
  • Lightweight in design to promote movement
  • Ideal for those looking to stay active

ProCare Super Knee Splint
  • Ideal for immobilising your knee joint following an injury or operation
  • Designed with three double-bend posterior stays for immobilisation
  • Made with a comfortable but sturdy foam and mesh construction
  • Features alternating web straps and loop lock contact closure

Donjoy 4Titude Knee Brace
  • Suitable for daily use and contact or non-contact sports
  • Low profile and lightweight for improved comfort
  • Designed for sedentary and active lifestyles
  • Ideal for a range of knee instabilities

Donjoy AT4 Universal 3V Knee Immobiliser
  • Universal three-panel immobiliser to prevent discomfort following an injury
  • Features an internal anti-migration strap for improved protection
  • Waylex mesh lining helps improve your comfort during use
  • Designed with a buckle closure for ease of application

Donjoy Renegade Ligament Knee Brace
  • Perfect if you want to return to sporting activities
  • Designed with a lightweight aluminium frame
  • Significantly reduces strains on the ACL
  • Stabilises your knee to prevent injuries

Donjoy X-Act ROM Knee Brace
  • Contoured design provides you with a high level of support
  • Provides immobilisation and protects your range of motion
  • Extremely light so you remain comfortable throughout use
  • Features aluminium hinges to stabilise the knee

Ottobock Genu Arexa Knee Brace
  • 3 x award-winning Ottobock knee brace
  • Covers ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL njuries
  • Lightweight, flexible, and adaptable
  • Suitable for pre- and post-operation

Thuasne Ligaflex Immo Knee Brace
  • Four adjustable stays for further immobilisation
  • Anti-slip systems helps keep the brace in place
  • Has three mobile panels for easy adjusting
  • Adjusts to all leg and thigh circumferences

Carboflex Activ Function Knee Brace
  • One piece frame;
  • ROM adjustment and AP control;
  • Soft foam lining;
  • Extension and flexion limitation.

Carboflex Advance Functional Knee Brace
  • Adjustable ROM hinge;
  • Anterior and posterior control;
  • Rigid frame;
  • Strong de-rotational strapping system.

Donjoy Fastfit TROM Post Operative Knee Brace
  • Ideal for a wide range of knee injuries and conditions
  • Simple one-piece design improves client compliance
  • Offers complete range of motion control for comfort
  • Brace is sized and ready to fit for easy application

Donjoy IROM Post Operative Knee Brace
  • Malleable hinge bars allow for varus/valgus positioning
  • Provides range of motion control in 10° increments
  • Available in short and long versions for a better fit
  • Suitable for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL surgeries

Donjoy Legend Knee Brace
  • Ideal for moderate to severe ACL/PCL/CI/LCL and MCL instabilities.
  • Superb support for amateur sports people, for everyday use and for rehabilitation
  • Low profile desgin.
  • Strong and durable.

Donjoy OA Adjuster Osteoarthritis Knee Brace
  • Highly effective and clinically-proven OA knee brace
  • Designed to compress the healthy area of your knee
  • Frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Particularly suited to more active patients

Donjoy Telescoping Cool IROM Post Operative Knee Brace
  • Immobilises and controls your range of motion
  • Ideal for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL surgeries
  • Buckles allow for fast and easy strapping
  • Keeps you cool even in warmer climates

Donjoy Telescoping IROM Post Operative Knee Brace
  • Telescoping bars allow the brace to fit a variety of patients
  • Precise range-of-motion control in 10° increments
  • The industry-standard post-operative knee brace
  • Ideal for ACL, LCL, MCL and PCL surgeries

Donjoy Telescoping TROM Knee Brace
  • Designed with a quick-lock mechanism
  • Helps you control motion in the knee
  • Ideal for a wide range of indications
  • Provides you with a custom fit

Donjoy TROM Advance Cool Post Operative Knee Brace
  • Cool and breathable brace for added comfort
  • Adjustable length and angle for most protocols
  • Allows full control of your range of motion
  • Ideal for post-surgical immobilisation

Impact Guard for the Donjoy Knee Ligament Braces
  • Compatible with a number of Knee Ligament Braces
  • Made from a hard plastic shell to absorb shock
  • Protects the knee and shin against impact
  • Ideally suited to motor sports athletes

Lenox Hill Precision Pro Knee Brace
  • Low-profile, custom-fit brace;
  • Suitable for those with moderate to severe ACL,PCL,MCL and LCL insabilities;
  • Lenox Hill Precision Pro Knee Orthosis;
  • Innovative design;

Matrix Lite Medical Ligament Knee Brace
  • Lightweight, heat adjustable carbon composite frame;
  • Hinge mimics the natural movement of the knee;
  • Full ROM control via a range of extension stops;
  • Ideal for knee ligament instabilities.

Matrix Lite Sport Ligament Knee Brace
  • Built-in knee guards;
  • Lightweight carbon composite frame;
  • Full ROM control via a range of extension stops;
  • Ideal for knee ligament instabilities.

Pack of 5 Knee Pads for Donjoy Armor Professional Knee Brace With Fourcepoint
  • Five knee pads for the Donjoy Armor Professional Knee Brace with Fourcepoint
  • Helps support the knee when worn with the knee brace
  • Ideal for extreme and contact sports
  • Can be purchased as spares or replacements

RockTape RockWrap Rigid Tape
  • Add stability, strength, support or immobilisation to any area
  • EasyRip, so no scissors needed
  • Super sticky and non-latex
  • Available in 1.25cm (split), 2.5cm and 3.8cm sizes

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