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Removal Trolleys

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Bariatric Removal Trolley MAXX
  • Transport bodies up to 450kg with less risk of back injury;
  • Unique leg design and wider surface;
  • Easy maneuverability in tight areas and down stairs;
  • Powder-coated frame;

Multi-Level Removal Trolley Model 27
  • Highly flexible cot;
  • Easy loading trolley ;
  • Easy maneuverability in tight corners and narrow doorways;
  • All four wheels swivel;

Removal Trolley MiniMAXX
  • Transport bodies up to 450kg;
  • Unique leg design ;
  • Easy handling and storage;
  • Narrower specification than the Bariatric MAXX;

Roll-in Style Removal Trolley Model 23
  • Extra long wheel base;
  • Slide action leg lock;
  • Can be used as two-wheeled stretcher when legs are folded and locked;
  • Provides exceptional stability;

Multilevel XL300 Removal Trolley
  • Transport bodies up to 300kg;
  • Fold down locking arm sides;
  • Easy handling and storage;
  • For safe dignified removal of larger bodies;

Ferno Model 24 Multi-Level Mortuary Trolley
  • Two-wheeled mortuary stretcher trolley
  • Ideal for use during one-person retrievals
  • Multi-level design reduces risk of injury
  • Adjustable design for easy loading and transportation

Multilevel AT200 Removal Trolley
  • Transport bodies up to 200kg;
  • Adjustable leg height;
  • Easy handling and storage;
  • Can be used on uneven surfaces such as snow, gravel, cobbles, etc;

Multilevel ISP Removal Trolley
  • Multi height trolley;
  • Lightweight and versatile;
  • Ideal for removals in space restrictive areas;
  • Foldable for storage;

Multilevel Stretcher with Detachable Top
  • Allows body transfer without lifting;
  • Fully adjustable, variable height mechanism;
  • Multi-level feature;
  • includes lightweight First Call Stretcher

Combination Stretcher Removal Trolley
  • Single height removal trolley;
  • Easy operation when loading and unloading;
  • Efficient and simple;
  • Combination of removal trolley and stretcher;

Multilevel Stretcher Removal Trolley
  • Allows body transfer without lifting;
  • Fully adjustable, variable height mechanism;
  • Multi-level feature;
  • Available with brakes, steering & fixed wheel options

Replacement Cover for Bristol Maid Concealment Trolleys
  • Heavy duty reinforced PVC cover 
  • Locates over side rails for easy use
  • Ensure discreet, reliable transfer of deceased patients
  • Can be purchased as either a replacement or spare

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items