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Rehab Balance Boards

Rehab Balance Boards are a great tool for increasing core strength and improving your balance as they throw you off centre, forcing your body to compensate. Find a broad selection of boards, cushions and aids in our range that can help you enhance your physical ability and coordination, including wobble boards and boards with sensory stimulating surfaces.

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Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS) Board
  • Controlled stress on lower leg for rehab exercises
  • Predictable stress great for closed kinetic chain exercises
  • Includes limiter to block planes of motion – ideal for early ACL rehab
  • Five ball attachments make range of motion control easy

Tumble Forms 2 Soft-Top Rocker Balance
  • Non-slip and non-abrasive foam cushioned top for safe use
  • Easy to clean and does not leave marks
  • Recessed sides for extra safety
  • Large and sturdy

Sissel Large Balancefit Blue Foam Balance Board
  • Large foam support pad for balance-based exercises
  • Helps train coordination, reactions and motor functions
  • Ideal for sports related stability exercises
  • Can be used inside, outdoors and in water

Theraband Rocker Balance Board
  • Unstable, sensory stimulating surface for balance training
  • One plane of instability at a time for better control
  • Great for propioceptive and postural development
  • Angle of deflection at 30° for more effective use

Pro11 Balance Trainer
  • Balance trainer with resistance bands
  • A versatile tool that can enhance your workout
  • Can be used as a balance ball or wobble board
  • Strengthens muscles and improves balance

Wooden Rocker Board
  • Ideal for patients in delicate condition
  • Gentle rehabilitation with 12 degree tilt
  • Anti-slip, easy-clean cork surface on footboard
  • Wooden construction enables 160kg (25 stone) weight capacity

Sissel Balancefit Blue Foam Balance Board
  • Foam support pad for balance-based exercises
  • Helps train coordination, reactions and motor functions
  • Great for sports-related stability exercises
  • Suitable for rehabilitation from injuries

TheraBand Foam Stability Trainer
  • Progressive training system great for therapy and fitness
  • Surface features ridges for an improved grip
  • Made from soft-cell foam for more comfortable use
  • Two densities available for progressive stability training

Sissel Dynamic Balance Wobble Board
  • Wobble board for balance exercises
  • Helps build ankle strength and joint stability
  • Boosts strength and mobility in sports rehab
  • Made from sustainable materials

Wooden Wobble Board
  • Ideal for athletes and advanced rehabilitation
  • Wooden construction for extra durability and weight load capacity
  • Tilt angle of 16 degrees to encourage stronger recovery
  • Weight load capacity of 160kg (25 stone)

Disc ‘O’ Sit Dynamic Air Cushion
  • Versatile air cushion helps develop balance
  • Suitable for both standing and sitting for dynamic use
  • Seating use mimics a ball for more active seating
  • Suitable for oral inflation for easier set up

Fitness-Mad Balance Pad
  • Made from high-quality nonslip closed-cell EVA foam
  • Forces the user to constantly compensate to maintain balance
  • Designed for balance, coordination and reaction training
  • Also suitable for posture stability and motor skill exercises

Sissel Balancefit Spiky Disc Balance Pad
  • Air filled disc for balance exercises
  • Ideal for building coordination and circulation
  • Choice of two spike thicknesses for your training
  • Works effectively as a foot massager for aching feet

Sissel Balance Wobble Board
  • Plastic wobble board for balance exercises
  • For improving coordination, motor skills and concentration
  • Helps build muscle strength across the body
  • Durable lightweight construction

Rehband Balance Board
  • Board for balance exercises
  • Ideal for people suffering from loss of balance
  • Aids recovery from foot or knee joint injury
  • Improves strength and coordination

Sissel Spiky Exercise Dome (Set of 2)
  • Set of two air-filled balance domes
  • Ideal for supporting those with reduced balance
  • Spiked surface offers stimulation for reduced muscular tension
  • Promotes ankle stability and shoulder strength

Pro11 Rehabilitation Balance Pad
  • Closed-cell EVA foam balance pad
  • For balance training and rehabilitation
  • Covered with non-slip, waterproof material
  • More effective than a balance/wobble board

Fitness-Mad Balance Stability Cushion
  • Stability cushion for balance and posture
  • Ideal for strength training and physical therapy
  • Keeps postural reflexes stimulated while seated
  • Use for 15 - 30 minutes at a time

Plastic Wobble Board (36cm)
  • Ideal for people in delicate condition, children, elderly
  • Weight load capacity of 100kg (16 stone)
  • Easy to use design with a 14 degree angle
  • PVC construction for robustness and comfort

Fitness-Mad Balance Pod Domes (Pair)
  • Pair of domed balance pods
  • Ideal for physiotherapy and PTs
  • Helps to build core strength
  • Maximum user weight: 100kg

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