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Reading Tests

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Sheridan Gardiner Test - Comprehensive
  • Designed for children
  • Suitable for disabled people
  • Includes Orthoptic Booklets
  • Multiple chart types


Moorfields Acuity Chart Set
  • Test for age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Contains one chart for each of the eyes
  • Can detect changes in the early stages of AMD
  • Employs a logarithmic progression in letter size

Maclure Reading Test Type for Children
  • Designed for children
  • Ages graded 1 - 7
  • Multiple chart types
  • Differentiates between sight and reading


Sheridan Gardiner Test - Complete
  • Designed for children
  • Suitable for disabled people
  • Based on shape matching
  • Multiple chart types


Logmar 3m Folding Board for Acuity Testing
  • Helps determine the smallest letters your patient can read
  • Designed to help diagnose patients with eyesight issues
  • Foldable in design so you're able to travel with the chart
  • Ideal for optometrists to use with patients

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items