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Quadrastep Insoles

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Littlesteps Paediatric Foot Orthoses
  • Specially designed for children;
  • Neutral RF posting;
  • QQ medium arch;
  • QQ standard depth heel cup.

Quadrastep A Over Supination Orthotic Insole
  • For over-supinated feet;
  • 1st MTH cut-out;
  • Deep lateral heel cup;
  • Equinus correction.

Quadrastep B Mild Over Pronation Orthotic Insole
  • For mild over-pronation;
  • For low-medium arch;
  • Medial RF posting;
  • Intrinsis lateral FF posting.

Quadrastep C Neutral Orthotic Insole
  • For under-pronation;
  • For medium arch feet;
  • Neutral RF posting;
  • Standard depth heel cup.

Quadrastep D Moderate Over Pronation Orthotic Insole
  • For moderate over-pronation;
  • Moderate medial skive;
  • Medial RF posting;
  • Deep heel cup.

Quadrastep F Flat Foot Orthotic Insole
  • Medial RF & FF posting;
  • 1st MTH cut-out;
  • Large medical skive;
  • Ideal for flat feet/PTTD.

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items