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Welcome to the Health and Care range of Push Med Braces. The Push Med range guarantees solutions for the treatment and prevention of locomotive injuries. The Push Med range offers you mechanical support with adjustable compression for optimum fit and comfort. All of the Push Med products can be used for general rehabilitation or as a sports brace. 
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Push Ortho AFO Ankle and Foot Brace
  • Foot and ankle brace makes controlling the foot easier
  • Ideal for foot drop and loss of ankle function
  • Can be used with many different types of shoes
  • Trimmable for a customised fit

Push Med Adjustable Positioning Back Brace
  • Microfibre material provides comfort and keeps skin dry
  • Provides full support to the lumbar vertebral column
  • Anatomical fit allows discreet wear under clothes
  • Adjustable pressure to meet own preference

Push Med Knee Brace
  • Provides excellent support to middle and outside of the knee joint
  • Ideal for use when skiing and a range of other activities
  • Microfibre technology absorbs sweat for all day comfort
  • Low profile design reduces bulkiness and allows natural movement of the knee

Push Med Elbow Brace
  • Continuously adjustable extension limitation
  • Even distribution of pressure
  • Anatomical fit ensure brace maintains position during movement
  • Can be easily applied by patient

Push Med Aequi Flex Ankle Brace
  • Very effective treatment for acute ankle injuries
  • Functional strap adjustments for comfort
  • Flexible materials guarantee optimal fit
  • Provides support and freedom for natural movement

Push Med Wrist Brace
  • High level support and protection without restricting functionality
  • Level of pressure can be easily optimised
  • Designed with padded material to protect vulnerable areas of the wrist
  • A proper anatomic fit keeps brace in position

Push Med Ankle Brace
  • Able to adjust both pressure and restriction of movement
  • Comfortable to wear and fits easily inside a shoe
  • Features targeted pressure zones for vulnerable parts of the ankle
  • Ideal for long term use during sports

Push Med Neck Brace
  • Anatomical fit provides full support for the vertebral column
  • Detachable element for additional support
  • Microfibre material helps to keep skin dry and comfortable
  • Easy to apply and to wash

Push Med Wrist Splint
  • Anatomical fit for comfortable support
  • Limits bending of wrist without restricting functionality
  • Levels of oppression can be easily optimised
  • Ideal support and protection for a number of wrist strains and injuries

Push Med Shoulder Brace Plus
  • Each fixation point is fully adjustable for an optimum fit
  • Additional strap to support hand and wrist
  • Offers immobilisation in the case of hemiparesis
  • Relieves strain from shoulders and neck

Push Med Shoulder Brace
  • Offers immobilisation of the arm for a number of shoulder injuries
  • Each fixation point is adjustable for an optimal fit
  • Leaves neck and shoulders strain free
  • Can be easily applied by patients themselves

Push Med Tennis Elbow Brace Epi
  • Designed for tennis and golfer's elbow
  • Even distribution of pressure 
  • Can be easily applied by patient
  • Universal size

Push Med Patella Strap
  • Provides support to the patella, relieving dependence on thigh and lower leg
  • Design allows for an even distribution of pressure
  • Anatomical fit allows strap to stay in place during movement
  • Microfibre material keeps skin dry and comfortable

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

Push Med is a specialist range of medical aids and rehabilitation products. The Push Med range of supports and braces work by applying external pressure, or compression, and providing mechanical support to the injured joint. The Push Med brace range offer support to a number of joints, including the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck and lower back. All of the Push Med braces are easy to fit and are a convenient aid to help cushion the considerable force imposed on a joint.