PSB Thumb Brace
PSB Thumb BracePSB Thumb BracePSB Thumb BracePSB Thumb Brace
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PSB Thumb Brace

  • Developed by a team of specialists and athletes specifically for use during sports
  • Stabilises thumb joint whilst providing freedom of movement to the wrist
  • Adjustable elastic straps for optimum compression
  • Easy for patient to apply and to wash

PSB Thumb Brace

The PSB Thumb Brace is designed to limit movements away from the index finger which can cause damage to the capsule enclosing the thumb joint. Typically trauma may be caused by a fall, stumble or collision with the excessive force pushing the thumb backwards or sideways causing injury. A common occurrence in skiing and ball sports such as football, rugby, netball and basketball. 

The PSB Thumb Brace will increase joint stability at the base of the thumb after ligament damage and the tapes will protect against over extension and further jarring. This support will not inhibit wrist action and will allow full freedom of movement providing a comfortable option to guard against sports injury :

The PSB Thumb Brace Is Ideal For Use During Sports

The PSB Thumb Brace has been developed by a team of experienced specialists and athletes to specifically protect and support the thumb joint during sports. Athletes regularly suffer thumb injuries from falls and collisions when the thumb is pushed sidewards or backwards to an excessive extent. Most people retain chronic symptoms as a result of this injury as a consequence of the over extension of the important medial ligament at the base of the thumb.

In addition to pain and swelling on the inner side of the thumb, the most characteristic symptom of this injury is instability. Even daily activities such as writing or turning a tap can be painful as a consequence. Many forms of therapy such as taping the joint or putting the thumb in plaster cast are inadequate for sporting use that includes extensive movements of the thumb joint. The PSB Thumb Brace has been designed specifically to support the thumb joint at the base whilst allowing freedom of movement of the hand and wrist.

Indications For Use

  • For the prevention and protection against all thumb injuries.
  • Skiers Thumb and Thumb Arthritis
  • Suitable for thumb ligament injuries and following surgery.

The PSB Thumb Brace is not suitable for tendonitis, tenosynovitis for (De Quervains) or rheumatism.

Specialist Design Of The PSB Thumb Brace

The PSB Thumb Brace provides support to the thumb joint when the thumb has become unstable as a consequence of a sprain to the joint ligaments. The elasticated straps on the PSB Thumb Brace compensate for the over extension caused by the damaged ligament, the thumb brace also protects the joint from jarring.

The undamaged parts of the thumb joint are left free and the elasticated straps are adjustable to allow the thumb to function normally. The PSB Thumb Brace leaves the wrist completely free, allowing the user to partake in sporting activities without restriction.

Sizing Of The PSB Thumb Brace

The PSB Thumb Brace comes in 3 sizes, available for both the left and the right hand. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference around the center of the hand, going across the palm and under the knuckles.

Size            Measurement of hand circumference in cm
Small 14 - 16 cm
Medium 16 - 18 cm
Large 18 - 20 cm

Washing The PSB Thumb Brace

The PSB Thumb Brace can be washed at up to 40 degrees Celsius in the washing machine. Make sure all Velcro fastenings are done up before washing to protect both the thumb brace and other items of clothing. Allow the PSB Thumb Brace to dry naturally to extend its usability.

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