Genius 3 Tympanic Thermometer with Disposable Covers for Hygiene Control

Purekeys Keyboards and Mouses for Infection Control

WendyLett slide sheets for patient positioning

Safehip airx fall prevention underwear

Professional Weighing Devices

Health and Care has a great selection of professional weighing devices. Professional weighing devices are designed to  provide accurate information on a patient's weight and body mass index (BMI). Our range of professional weighing devices are very simple to uses and are reasonably priced. All professional weighing devices are available at with free delivery.

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Harvest Weighing Chair Scale
  • Suitable for patients who cannot stand for lengths of time
  • Features a weight capacity of 250kg, suitable for most users
  • Fitted with arm rests and foot support for comfort and safety
  • Lightweight for easy movement and transportation

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