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Treat-Eezi Full-Length Acute Pressure Relief Bed Sore Overlay
  • Four layer bed overlay pad for preventing pressure sores
  • Capable of treating level 3 and 4 wounds
  • Temperature regulating design prevents overheating
  • Supports the full body from head to toe

Treat-Eezi Community Pressure Relief Bed Sore Overlay
  • Bed overlay pad for managing and preventing pressure sores
  • Non-powered product suitable for level 3 and 4 wounds
  • Helps keep users cool and comfortable
  • Portable pad can provide pressure relief anywhere

Treat-Eezi Four-Layer Pressure Relief Seat Pad
  • Seat pad for managing and preventing pressure sores
  • Offers relief from stages 2, 3 and 4 pressure sores
  • Breathable design prevents overheating
  • For high risk use when combined with a foam cushion

Wheelchair Fleece Seat Protector
  • 100% natural sheepskin fleece;
  • Prevents pressure sores;
  • Washable up to 80C;
  • Fits all sizes of wheelchairs;


Wheelchair Foot Rest Fleece Protector Covers
  • High wool density support;
  • Prevents pressure sores;
  • Easy to fit in seconds;
  • Fits all sizes of wheelchairs;


Soft Leg Supports For Lifting Slings
  • Soft supports to use with lifting slings
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Perfect for pain-sensitive users
  • Supplied as a pair

Cosynite Wool Underblanket
  • Temperature-regulating wool underblanket
  • Useful for Raynaud's disease and arthritis
  • Available to buy in 3 mattress sizes
  • Pressure relieving for added comfort

Anti Pressure Foam Cushion with Wool Cover
  • Modular foam inner;
  • Natural pressure relief;
  • 100% wool pile cushion cover;
  • 43 x 41 x 10 cm/17 x 16 x 4 inches.

Wheelchair Calf Strap Fleece
  • 100% pure wool pile;
  • Comfortable and soft;
  • Size = 20.3 x 40.6cm/8 x 16";
  • Stop 'pressing back' action of user.

Wheelchair Pressure Relief Fleece
  • Full back and seat fleece cover;
  • Stays in place with sturdy wheelchair handle loops;
  • Wool offers comfort and absorbs perspiration;
  • Machine washable.

Fleece Revolving Seat Cushion
  • Padded foam cushion enclosed in a soft fleece covering
  • Ideal for helping low-mobility users in and out of vehicles
  • Facilitates turning and positioning with a 360° turntable
  • Lets pain-sensitive users sit comfortably on long journeys

Fleece Wheelchair Arms Covers
  • Pressure reducing wheelchair arm covers
  • Ideal for people looking to maximise chair comfort
  • Pure wool design provides lasting quality
  • Supplied as a pair of rests

Pressure Relief Bed Fleece
  • Suitable for the relief from and prevention of pressure sores and ulcers
  • Made from 100% pure new wool to absorb perspiration
  • Ideal for use on beds, chairs, sofas and wheelchairs
  • Allows the skin to breathe more effectively

Pressure Relief Polyester Fleece
  • Deep pile 100% polyester bed fleece
  • Provides comfort to bony parts of the body
  • Ideal for hospital and community use
  • Easy to wash and dry for good hygiene

Page 1 of 1:    16 Items