Posture Medic Standard Strength Posture Brace
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Posture Medic Standard Strength Posture Brace

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  • Posture Medic posture brace helps to improve posture
  • Can be worn while sitting at a desk, in the car, or relaxing
  • Versatile brace suitable as part of an exercise program for posture
  • Available in a choice of sizes for the best possible posture support
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Posture Medic Standard Strength Posture Brace

The Posture Medic Standard Strength Posture Brace has been specifically designed to help you overcome poor posture habits. It helps to retrain your body to stand up straight, facilitating with the easy-to-follow Posture Medic exercise routine that builds on stretching, strengthening, and stabilisation.

What Is the Ideal Posture?

Before you incorporate the Posture Medic Posture Brace into your daily routine, it will be useful to know what is considered to be the ideal posture; this will help you to see both what you are aiming to achieve and how far you have to go. The ideal posture position features the head upright, with a straighter neck and back. The chest should be open, with the shoulders back and down.

The Posture Medic brace can help you to train your body to naturally adopt a healthier posture. That way, you can focus on going about your day or enjoying your workout while the posture braces focuses on improving your natural positioning. Please see the diagram below for an indication of your current posture health.

Posture Diagram for Correct Posture

Which Size of Posture Medic Brace Do I Need?

Which Posture Medic Posture Brace size you'll require depends on your current height and weight. The table below provides a guideline for the recommended heights and weights for each available brace size. Please select your required size from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Size Height (ft) Weight (kg)
Small 4' 8" - 5' 5" 32 - 64kg
Medium 4' 8" - 5' 8" 45 - 77kg
Large 4' 8" - 6' 45 - 95kg
Extra Large 4'8" - 6' 4" 45 - 109kg

How Does the Posture Medic Work?

The Posture Medic Posture Brace incorporates a simple yet effective design that loops over your shoulders (much like wearing a backpack!) to hold your shoulders further back. This helps to stabilise your posture, reminding you to be mindful of your posture and develop a better habit of straightening your back and shoulders.

Benefits of the Posture Medic Posture Brace

When Can I Wear the Posture Medic Brace?

The Posture Medic can be worn during a range of activities to help you to improve your posture. Examples include the following:

  • Computer Posture: If you work at a desk or spend long hours at a computer, being hunched over can damage your posture and cause pain related to poor posture. The Posture Medic brace holds your shoulders and back to remind you to straighten your back.
  • Driving Posture: Driving, whether to work or for a weekend away, should not be uncomfortable. With your seat adjusted to best support you with an ergonomic setup, the Posture Medic brace can be worn for improved support during longer journeys.
  • Exercising Posture: When used as part of the Posture Medic exercise regime (see below for details), the Posture Medic Posture Brace can help you to improve strengthening and stretching. Various levels of exercises are outlined to ensure you can best accommodate your current fitness level.
  • Standing Posture: If you stand on your feet all day, you may understandably find it difficult to maintain a straight posture. With the Posture Medic, you can remain mindful of this while also enjoying the supportive benefits of a correctly aligned neck and shoulders to reduce the stress and pain of standing for extended periods.
  • Walking Posture: Whether walking to work or enjoying a leisurely stroll, wearing the Posture Medic while you walk can help to improve your overall posture. This will help you to develop better postural habits as you go about your day.

Please note that the Posture Medic Posture Brace should be worn for no more than 30 minutes at a time. It is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

Improving Computer Posture With The Posture Medic Posture Brace

What Are the Benefits of Improving My Posture?

While you may be considering working on your posture to reduce the risk of pain from slouching, or to minimise existing pain, improving your posture may actually have additional health benefits too. The following benefits may occur as a result of improving your posture with the posture brace:

  • Improved blood pressure
  • Improved breathing with a more open diaphragm, throat, and windpipe
  • Improved concentration and mental acuity
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Reduced lower and upper back stress
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced pressure on kidneys, stomach, colon, and other internal organs
  • Reduced risk of developing osteoarthritis and other conditions affecting the joints

What's the Difference Between the Standard Strength and Extra Strength Posture Medic?

Think of the Standard Strength Posture Medic as the beginners' posture brace. The Standard Posture Medic Brace is the posture brace recommended for the majority of individuals starting out with postural training, and those looking to improve strengthening, stretching, and stability with the Posture Medic exercises.

The Extra Strength Posture Medic is designed for individuals with a greater athletic ability, as it incorporates a heavier resistance band compared to the Standard Strength brace for greater resistance during strengthening exercises. Both the Standard and Plus Posture Medics are the same in every other respect. Please note that larger individuals may require the Extra Strength Posture Medic regardless of activity level to support bulk in the chest area.

Can Children Use the Posture Medic Brace?

Children over the age of 12 may use the Posture Medic Posture Brace. This helps them to develop a healthy posture early on, while promoting proper growth development.

How Can I Stretch with the Posture Medic?

There are five types of stretches advised for the Posture Medic. The following have been designed to stretch out the necessary muscles that may be causing poor posture if they are too tight:

  • Posture Medic Chest Stretch
  • Posture Medic Lat Stretch
  • Posture Medic Shoulder Stretch
  • Posture Medic Neck Stretch

Stretching with the Posture medic will help you straighten your back by lengthening your tight muscles. Doing Posture Medic stretches three to four times a day four around 5 to 15 seconds at a time will help to increase your range of motion and relieve muscular pain. Please see the Posture Medic user manual in the PDF below for a visual step-by-step guide to stretching with the Posture Medic brace.

Posture Medic User Manual
Exercising with the Posture Medic Posture Brace

Posture Medic Posture Brace for Stretching

How Can I Strengthen with the Posture Medic?

Performing strengthening exercises with the Posture Medic can help you to target the key neck and upper back muscles that help you to correctly hold your shoulders back, your neck upright, and your spine in an S-curve. Strengthening exercises with the Posture Medic have been specially designed to accommodate varying degrees of existing strength and ability.

It is advised that you begin doing one set of 15 reps daily for the first week, two sets of 15 reps twice daily for the second week, and then building up to three sets of 15 reps every other day. Please see the Posture Medic exercise regime by clicking on the JPG image icon below.

Posture Medic Exercise Regime
Posture Medic Exercise Regime

Posture Medic Posture Belt for Strengthening 

How Can I Stabilise with the Posture Medic?

Stabilising with the Posture Medic enables you to go about your day while helping you to develop better postural habits. Wearing the Posture Medic Posture Brace when sitting, walking, or standing builds muscle memory, encouraging you to naturally maintain a correct posture without even thinking about it! 

Stabilising with the Posture Medic

Where Can I Find Out More About the Posture Medic?

Watch the video below to learn more about the Posture Medic Posture Brace. You'll be able to see the Posture Medic up close and in action!

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Posture Brace
Tuesday, 2 June 2020  | 

My back felt so much better and I felt upright. I have a curve between my shoulder blades which not only makes me look round shouldered but in recent years has given pain and squashing my ribs into my diaphragm especially when sitting. I have just returned to work after lock down and have started the exercise plan that comes with the brace.

Excellent delivery time and easy to use website.
I shall be placing an order for the pillow recommended in the information booklet that came with the brace.
Thank you.

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Best choice ever!
Monday, 3 February 2020  | 

I was in terrible pain until I started wearing this amazing product. It really helped me coping with my back pain from the very first minute.

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Good trader
Monday, 28 October 2019  | 

Prompt delivery.

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Friday, 27 September 2019  | 

Staff when ordering - helpful and knowledgable
Ordering- no problems
Delivery next morning less than24hrs
Packaging - Professional .
Item received - was as expected.
Information about item - excellent
Have and will recommend this company
item received was as expected .
instructions how to use item perfect

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Posture medic
Thursday, 20 June 2019  | 

Good service

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