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Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Braces

Shop our Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Braces range for relief from a common condition that hinders your tendon's ability to support your arch. To avoid the flattening of the foot and the development of adult acquired flat foot, a PTTD brace or PTTD splint can be used to support your foot and allow a normal walking pattern without pain. For more information or a personalised recommendation, please contact our Customer Care Team at

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BioSkin TriLok Ankle Ligaments Support
  • Ankle support for conditions that range from sprains to arthritis
  • Works by controlling the motion of the forefoot for correct positioning
  • Suitable for use with socks, shoes and while playing sports
  • Designed to work as an extra ligament to improve foot and ankle problems

Aircast AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace for Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
  • Ankle brace to help realign and stabilise the ankle
  • Suitable for PTTD and adult acquired flat foot
  • Inflatable aircell stabilises the ankle and lifts the arch
  • Includes a hand bulb to adjust the aircell inflation

Multicast Air Gel Ankle Brace
  • Moulded shells.
  • Pre-inflation cushion providing support and compression. 
  • Relieves pressure on bony prominences.
  • Universal Fit-Left or Right.


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