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Portable Nebulisers

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Pari eFlow Rapid Nebuliser System
  • Complete nebuliser system
  • For alleviation and treatment of respiratory diseases
  • Short treatment times allowing for optimal use
  • Light and portable with mains or battery operation

Pari Boy Classic Nebuliser Therapy System
  • Easy-to-use nebuliser suitable for those over the age of 4 years
  • For treating conditions such as COPD, bronchiectasis, asthma and more
  • Helps ensure uses can breathe freely so you're able to sleep easily
  • Short inhalation time (less than five minutes) for 2.5ml solution

Beurer IH55 Portable Nebuliser
  • Helps treat upper and lower respiratory tract in both adults and children
  • Suitable for such conditions as colds, asthma, and respiratory disease
  • Featuring self-cleaning function for easy maintenance
  • Suitable for both mains power and battery operation

Timesco Scian Mesh Ultrasonic Nebuliser NB-810B
  • Pocket-sized ultrasonic nebuliser with 8ml capacity
  • Portable design ideal for use while travelling
  • Includes both adult and child masks
  • No need to replace filters – keeps costs down

Beurer IH 60 Nebuliser Small Portable Inhalation Device
  • Small and light medicine inhalation device
  • Portable design is ideal for use while travelling
  • Treats colds, asthma and respiratory diseases
  • Supplied with accessories and a carry bag

DeVilbiss AirForce One Compressor Nebuliser
  • Lightweight and portable compressor nebuliser
  • Ideal drug delivery system for respiratory diseases
  • Simple operation and durable design is ideal for daily use
  • Includes disposable nebuliser kit

Alerta Medical Face Mask Kit for Nebulisers
  • Sturdy, high quality design
  • Compatible with both Alerta nebulisers
  • Durable and affordable
  • Includes face mask, air tube and chamber

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items