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Plaster Cast Shears

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Esmarch Plaster Scissors
  • Ideal for cutting the inner layers of cast materials
  • Made of high grade German stainless steel
  • Slanted blade for increased  patient safety
  • Suitable for right hand use only

Cast Scissors for Serial Finger Casts
  • Designed to aid in cast removal
  • Composed of the highest grade German stainless steel
  • Slant design supplies excellent force while protecting the patient
  • Suitable for the left or right hand

Beeson Plaster Spreader (12'')
  • Beeson Plaster Spreader (12") 
  • Plaster spreader features a screw joint
  • Designed for spreading or breaking plasters
  • Sold singularly for convenience

Universal Surgical Scissors 5 Inches
  • Universal Surgical Scissors for medical use
  • Suitable for cutting fibreglass casts
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Fully autoclavable for ongoing hygiene

Page 1 of 1:    29 Items