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Here at Health and Care, we sell a wide range from Pivotell, including vibrating reminder watches, pill reminders and pill organisers, all designed to ensure that you or your elderly relatives remember to take your medication. Ideal for dementia sufferers, Pivotell products are available at Health and Care with free delivery on all orders.

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PivoTell Bellman Enabled Pager Automatic Pill Dispenser
  • 28 pill compartments; 
  • For the deaf or hearing impaired; 
  • Use with Bellman® Visit 868 System; 
  • Prevents access to pills except at programmed times.

Dementia Home Care Set
  • Automatic pill dispenser and dementia clock
  • Ideal for people with dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Helps to avoid common confusions throughout the day
  • Can be set up by either a carer or the user

PivoTell Automatic Advance Pill Dispenser
  • LCD display;
  • 28 pill compartments; 
  • Flashing light & 4 alarm sounds; 
  • Prevents access to pills except programmed times.

PivoTell MK3 Automatic Pill Dispenser
  • Easily filled and programmed by you or a loved one
  • Uses an alarm and flashing light to notify you
  • Reminds you when to take medication
  • Dispenses pills up to 28 times a day

Mem-X Voice Reminder
It tells the user in a familiar pre-recorded voice all they have to do at that time, from special events or for taking medication.

PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser Tipper
  • Supplied with a bowl
  • Helps dispense medication
  • Ideal for those with limited dexterity
  • Useful if user forgets to turn dispenser upright

Vibralite 8 Vibrating Reminder Watch
  • Vibrating reminder watch
  • Ideal as a medication reminder
  • Up to 8 programmable alarms
  • Easy to use and programme

Mem-X Memory Aid Voice Reminder
  • Voice memory aid;
  • Aids independant living; 
  • Reminds user to do things; 
  • For those with memory loss.

Vibralite Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch
  • Compact vibrating watch in six colours
  • Ideal for the hearing impaired
  • Issues a discrete vibrating reminder
  • Suitable for adults, teens and children

Spare Strap for the Vibralite Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch (All Colours)
  • Spare strap for the Vibralite Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch
  • Ideal if your supplied strap becomes damaged
  • Ensures that you never miss your medication (set up to 12 alarms)
  • Available in six colours

TimeCap Timer Pill Bottle
  • Pill bottle cap timer with up to 24 daily alarms
  • Automatically indicates the last opening time
  • Easier to open than traditional pill bottle lids
  • Cap also fits standard 33mm thread pill bottles

Pivotell Vibratime Vibrating Reminder Watch
  • Vibrating watch with up to 8 flashing and vibrating alarms
  • For medication management and ensuring that you take medication on time
  • No batteries are needed and includes a USB charge
  • Includes a time feature, pre-set alarms and available in many colours

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items