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Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor
Fall Savers Infrared Bedside MonitorFall Savers Infrared Bedside MonitorFall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor
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Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor

  • Infrared sensor detects falls of vulnerable users in bed
  • Can alert care teams locally or through nurse call systems
  • Powered by battery or through mains with an adaptor
  • Alarm triggered either though monitor, call system or portable pager


Dispatched in 1-2 days  

Dispatched in 1-2 days

£82.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
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Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor

By ticking the below boxes you can optimise your Fall Savers Bedside Monitor for nurse call stations, mounted wall use and a mains power supply.

Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor

The Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor uses infrared detection technology to alert caregivers when a vulnerable patient has moved from their bed, greatly reducing the risk of falls, injury and unattended wandering. This versatile monitor can be paired with a nurse call station or used on its own, perfect for alerting the relevant people in care homes, hospitals and more.

What's in the Box?

Your Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor purchase will include:

  • 1 x Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor
  • 1 x Swivel Bracket
  • 9V Batteries Included

Who is the Fall Savers Infrared Monitor For?

The Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor is designed to sense a fall or unattended wandering in vulnerable patients. It is designed for use in care home and care facilities by guardians and caregivers who are concerned about the overall health of their patient. We would recommend the Bedside Monitor in situations for patients with:

  • Low levels of mobility
  • Dementia
  • Other health conditions
  • A significant risk of injury

How Can the Fall Savers Infrared Monitor Reduce Injury Risk?

The Fall Savers Monitor can reduce injury risk because it alerts nearby caregivers when a vulnerable person has moved in bed. This ensures that caregivers can arrive at the patients' room as soon as movement has occurred, potentially providing immediate care or preventing the patient from wandering off if they suffer from dementia.

How Do You Use the Fall Savers Bedside Monitor?

The Fall Savers Monitor as easy to use and once set up it will trigger an alert should any movement be detected. It can be used on its own or with a nurse call system, meaning that it is useful for a wider range of places such as care homes, hospitals and residential homes.

Once you've purchased your Bedside Monitor, you will be faced with a number of choices before you set it up. The choices are:

  • Use the device through a nurse call system or on its own
  • Use the device through batteries or through mains power

How Do You Use the Fall Savers Bedside Monitor on its Own?

Using the Bedside Monitor on its own is easy, as all you need to do is place the monitor by the patients' bed and set the device to the settings that you want. You position the infrared beam so it's pointed across the patient, and then choose between either a beep or a chime alert noise. This extra loud noise will emit from the device, ideal for alerting any nearby caregivers.

How Do You Pair the Fall Savers Monitor with a Nurse Call System?

Should you want to pair your Fall Savers Monitor to a nurse call system, you will want to buy the appropriate cable. After choosing between mono and stereo (found on your nurse call system), you can buy the appropriate cable from our website, as listed below:

How Do I Connect the Bedside Monitor to the Mains?

No matter if you decide to select using the monitor on its own or with a nurse call system, you can still decide to power the monitor by the mains. If this is the case, you will need to buy a Mains Power Adaptor that you can buy from our website. This can reduce the money spend on replacement batteries, while also ensuring that your patient is never at risk because of a loss of battery power.

If Used on Its Own, How Loud is the Alarm?

The Fall Savers Infrared Bedside Monitor as loud enough so that if you are in the next room you will still be able to hear it. You can choose between chime alert tones or beep alert tones, allowing you to select a catered alarm that is better suited to your ears. As the alarm is loud it can be used through the night and you will be able to hear it should your patient leave their bed while you are asleep.

Where Can the Infrared Bedside Monitor Be Placed?

You can place the Infrared Bedside Monitor beside the patients' bed or by attaching it to the wall. You will want to position it so that the infrared beam is pointed across the room in such a position that should the patient get up from their bed, they will cross the beam and trigger the alarm. Should you want to position the Bedside Monitor on the wall you can do so with the Extension Mounting Bracket which is available on our website.

The swivel bracket that is supplied with the Infrared Bedside Monitor aids in the versatility of the design, meaning that you can fit the monitor in discreet hard to reach parts of the room to ensure that the monitors aren't tampered with. It also means that you can fit the monitor in a wider range of places in the room, with the swivel design fitting most corners.

Why is the Bedside Monitor an Excellent Sensor Pad Alternative?

Plenty of care homes, hospitals and care facilities aren't usually suitable for sensor pads, often because they are inconvenient and their range is limited. The Bedside Monitor is an excellent alternative for when carers determine that the use of sensor pads is undesirable. The infrared design ensures that a user's movement will always be tracked, and if the Bedside Monitor is connected to a nurse call station then the caregiver will always be alerted of when the monitor is triggered.

How Do You Know When You're on Low Battery?

If you opt to use batteries then the batteries at some point will run out. This shouldn't be a problem as 9V batteries can last for a significant amount of time before starting to run out of power. However, when it does start to run out of power, there will be a flashing warning light that will illuminate and ensure that your patient isn't left without their bedside monitor.

What are the Specifications of the Fall Savers Bedside Monitor?

  • Choice between battery and mains power (with optional Mains Power Adaptor)
  • Available with beep or chime alert tones
  • Compatible with most nurse call systems
  • Low battery indicator for foolproof usage
  • Supplied with an easy-mount swivel bracket
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 150 x 40 x 80mm (6 x 1.5 x 3")

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