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Pilates Small Equipment

Browse our Pilates Small Equipment Range. Find smaller apparatus equipment suitable for use anywhere from your home to the gym. Our selection includes resistance bands, resistance rings, fitness mats, swiss balls and stretching aids. Ideal for training strength, stamina and flexibility, this range is also useful for physical rehabilitation exercises.

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Align-Pilates Sitting Box
  • Maple veneered marine ply box with EVA padding
  • Makes seated and prone exercises more comfortable
  • Covered with abrasion resistant vinyl upholstery
  • Suitable for use with most brands of Pilates machines

Pro11 Balance Trainer
  • Balance trainer with resistance bands
  • A versatile tool that can enhance your workout
  • Can be used as a balance ball or wobble board
  • Strengthens muscles and improves balance

The Copper Heeler and Dyna-Band Foot and Ankle Rehab Kit
  • Rehabilitation kit for ankle and foot pain
  • Includes the Copper Heelers and the Dyna-Band Resistance Band
  • Heelers improve foot comfort while the Dyna-Band lets you exercise
  • Items sold in a bundle pack at a discount, helping to save you money

Fitness-Mad Align-Pilates Pro Ring 14''
  • Practical Pilates ring that adds intensity to your floor exercises
  • Perfect for targeting problem areas, such as inner and outer thighs
  • Double handle design provides extra comfort
  • Made from quality sprung steel rings for durability

Fitness-Mad Core Fitness Mat
  • Ideal exercise mat for those on the move or tight on storage space
  • Suitable for studios, clubs, gyms, home use or on the move
  • Includes a removable carry strap for easy portability
  • NBR foam offers excellent cushioning and memory

Fitness-Mad Studio Pro 500kg Swiss Ball and Pump
  • Ideal for gym, club and studio use
  • Factory tested as burst resistant for loads up to 500kg
  • Includes blaster pump and free online workout guide
  • Available in three different diameters

Fitness-Mad Pro Stretch Tri-Fold Aerobic Mat
  • Versatile folding exercise mat
  • Folds up into thirds for easy storage and transport
  • Reversible, wipe-clean design
  • Ideal for studios that are tight on room

Pilates-Mad Resistance Ring
  • Designed to add intensity to floor exercises
  • Speeds up toning by targeting specific muscles
  • Ideal for problem areas, such as thighs or upper arms
  • Foam padding provides extra comfort

Sissel Pilates Band
  • Stretchy Pilates band to support your workout
  • Ideal for intensifying your Pilates exercises
  • Resistance increases strength and stability
  • Available in 3 different colours

Fitness-Mad Studio Pro 500kg Swiss Ball
  • Ideal for gym, club and studio use
  • Factory tested as burst resistant for loads up to 500kg
  • Suitable for use during weight training exercises
  • Available in three different diameters

Fitness-Mad Blue Foam Roller
  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Available in 18inch or 36inch
  • Popular with runners and other athletes
  • Enhances balance, flexibility and strength

Pilates-Mad Sitting Block
  • Large EVA foam block for improved support
  • Used to level the pelvis during yoga and Pilates postures
  • Wide design ensures both sitting bones fit on the mat
  • Ideal for home or studio use

Triggerpoint Massage Ball
  • Essential massaging product
  • Suitable for whole body use
  • Super portable, massage on the go!
  • Suitable for minor aches and pains

Triggerpoint SMRT CORE Level 3 DVD
  • Adds push-pull to many exercises;
  • Adds more focus to core muscles;
  • For use after mastering level 1;
  • Includes classes & exercises. 

Fitness-Mad 300kg Anti-Burst Swiss Ball
  • Ideal for fit ball workouts, yoga, Pilates and physiotherapy
  • Can also be used as a chair to aid with postural problems
  • Factory tested as burst resistant to 300kg
  • Available in three different diameters

Pro11 Foam Trigger Point Yoga Roller
  • Self-massage roller with flexible massaging bumps
  • Releases muscle tension and increases circulation
  • Ideal tool for yoga, pilates and sports training
  • Suitable for treating sports injuries

Pro11 55cm Yoga Ball
  • Inflatable 55cm exercise balance ball
  • Use for yoga, Pilates or weightlifting
  • Fantastic alternative to an office chair
  • Available in either black or orange

Yoga-Mad Organic Cotton Eye Pillow
  • Delicate lavender-scented eye pillow
  • Ideal for unwinding and meditating
  • Washable organic cotton cover
  • Choice of 6 exciting colours 

Dyna-Band Exercise Resistance Band
  • Workout resistance band available in four different strengths
  • Enhances exercise regimes with toning and body sculpting
  • Suitable for rehabilitation, muscle repair, yoga, and Pilates
  • Cost effective, easy to use, and requires minimal space

Pilates-Mad Head Block
  • Small, soft EVA foam block for additional support
  • Designed to raise the head slightly in a reclining position
  • Allows correct neck alignment to be attained
  • Use with the Pilates-Mad Sitting Block for maximum support

Fitness-Mad Spikey Massage Ball
  • Designed to release tight, uncomfortable muscles
  • Can help to relieve tension and improve circulation
  • Ideal for working through trigger points or dual muscle massage
  • Available in two different sizes

Physioworx EVA Foam Exercise Roller
  • High-density EVA foam roller in a choice of sizes
  • Great for yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation
  • Helps with stretching and balance training
  • Ideal for home fitness routines or in classes

Pilates-Mad Exer-Soft Ball
  • Non-slip, tactile training aid to improve your fitness
  • Designed to assist in isolating and targeting specific muscles
  • Helps to improve strength, endurance, concentration and coordination
  • Available in three different diameters and three corresponding colours

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