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Personal Development Books

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What Do You Really Know? Educational Activity Saver Pack
  • Promotes frank and open discussion on sensitive subjects
  • Examines the behaviours that occur in healthy relationships
  • Ideal to use with students aged between 11 and 18 years old
  • Contains 82 discussion cards and 2 CD-ROMs with guidance for use

What Do You Really Think About Relationships? Educational Card Game
  • Thought-provoking questions that get young people discussing relationships
  • Encourages students to examine what qualities in a relationship are beneficial to them
  • Contains 40 discussion cards and a CD-ROM of guidance notes
  • Ideal for young people over the age of 11

Working Circles in Primary and Secondary Classrooms Workbook
  • A comprehensive manual that teaches the value of community building
  • Learn how to create a democratic classroom where learning occurs in a safe space
  • Includes a collection of fun, team-building games
  • Suitable for primary and secondary school-aged students

Working in Groups Emotional Literacy Workbook
  • Creates a strong and supportive classroom community
  • Teaches young people the value of group problem-solving
  • Includes a 60-page book with 14 lesson plans
  • Suitable for students of all ages

Worried Wilber Activities Book and CD-ROM
  • Suitable for pupils between the ages of four and ten
  • Helpful for constructively guiding young people through feelings of anixety
  • Includes a CD-ROM, an A5 instruction booklet and 31 engaging illustrations
  • Encourages the emotional development of children
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Page 2 of 2:    105 Items