Racer+ Pushchair Buggy
Racer+ Pushchair BuggyRacer+ Pushchair BuggyRacer+ Pushchair Buggy
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Racer+ Pushchair Buggy

  • Provides postural support for those with difficulty sitting and standing
  • Suitable to provide comfortable mobility to children, teenagers and adults
  • Complete with positioning wedges, side pads and postural harnesses
  • Available in three sizes with customisable support options
£1,499.99(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£1,249.99 Exc. VAT)

Racer+ Pushchair Buggy

For those who find it difficult to maintain good posture while sitting or standing independently, it can be difficult to find a seating system that allows full mobility, while remaining comfortable and supportive. The Racer+ Pushchair Buggy is designed to meet all of these needs, providing comfort and proper positioning for children, teenagers and adults. With positioning wedges, side pads and supportive harnesses, the Racer+ provides unmatched comfort and safety, without restricting movement.

The Racer+ Pushchair Buggy is available in three sizes to suit all types of different users. Select your desired size from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Robust Postural Support

Different users will all require different levels of support and postural assistance, and this Pushchair Buggy is designed to cater to all of them. Positioning wedges, side wedges and harnesses can be applied as needed to provide proper posture to patients in even the highest degree of need for assistance. All supports are adjustable and removable, with an angle-adjustable backrest for comfort and support customisation.

Comfortable and Convenient

All upholstery is made of breathable, washable fabrics, ensuring the user will be comfortable without overheating. The Buggy is also fully collapsible, making storage and transportation simple. Finally, pumped, swivelling wheels with brakes make the Racer+ easy to manoeuvre, and completely safe to operate.

Available Accessories

The Racer+ Buggy is available with a range of accessories to make it more versatile and suitable for a wider array of environments and activities. These accessories can be selected from the series of drop-down menus at the top of this page. They are as follows:

Key Features

  • Suitable for children, teenagers and adults with postural difficulty
  • Ideal for those who have difficulty sitting and standing independently
  • Includes positioning wedge system, side pads and postural harnesses
  • Suitable to provide support to even the most flaccid of patients
  • Upholstery is made from breathable and washable materials
  • Collapsible frame makes storage and transportation simple
  • Front wheels swivel for full manoeuvrability
  • Pumped wheels with brakes make movement safe and smooth
  • Backrest is angle adjustable, and all supports are removable
  • Length and angle adjustable footrest with foot straps
  • Removable pommel for customised pelvic support
  • Support vest and removable support rail for upper body support
  • Available with a range of accessories for versatile operation

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Maximum user height:
    • Small: 1400mm (55")
    • Medium: 1600mm (63")
    • Large: 1700mm (66.75")
  • Seat width:
    • Small: 300mm (11.75")
    • Medium: 330mm (13")
    • Large: 360mm (14")
  • Backrest height:
    • Small: 650mm (25.5")
    • Medium: 730mm (28.75")
    • Large: 750mm (29.5")
  • Seat depth:
    • Small: 350mm (13.75")
    • Medium: 420mm (16.5")
    • Large: 470mm (18.5")
  • Seat to footrest:
    • Small: 250 - 400mm (9.75 - 15.75")
    • Medium: 380 - 450mm (15 - 17.75")
    • Large: 350 - 480mm (13.75 - 18.75")
  • Maximum backrest decline to seat:
    • Small: 130°
    • Medium: 135°
    • Large: 130°
  • Overall dimensions (WxLxH):
    • Small: 610 x 1030 x 970mm (24 x 40.5 x 38.25")
    • Medium: 620 x 1350 x 950mm (24.25 x 53.25 x 37.5")
    • Large: 690 x 1370 x 980mm (27.25 x 54 x 38.5")
  • Maximum user weight:
    • Small: 35kg (5.5 stone)
    • Medium: 50kg (7.75 stone)
    • Large: 60kg (9.25 stone)
  • Buggy weight:
    • Small: Approximately 29kg
    • Medium: 66.14 lbs (30kg)
    • Large: 68.34 lbs (31kg)

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