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Ottobock Wrist Braces

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Ottobock Child Wrist Support
  • Comfortably soft for children
  • Suits a range of wrist conditions
  • Many sizes available
  • Provides good support

Ottobock Manu Direxa Basic W&T Wrist Support
  • Stabilising splint and coil spring
  • Adjustable and adaptable
  • Functionally positioned thumb
  • Treats Osteoarthritis, Rhizarthrosis

Ottobock Manu Rheuma Pollex Wrist Support
  • Suitable for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Coil spring and splint firm support
  • Avoids pressure on Capat Ulnae
  • Supports the wrist and thumb

Ottobock Manu Sensa Wrist Support
  • Supports muscle stabilisation
  • Features 'Skinguard' technology
  • Superb quality construction
  • Low compression zones

Ottobock Manu 3D Basic Wrist Support
  • Offers excellent support for wrist
  • Anatomically shaped model
  • Advanced moisture repellant material
  • Treats wide variety of wrist conditions 

Ottobock Manu 3D Pollex Wrist Support
  • Anatomically shaped for comfort
  • Firm supportive palmar splint
  • Treats Osteoarthritis and more
  • Moisture repellent material

Ottobock Manu 3D Short Wrist Brace
  • Short wrist brace for better mobility
  • 3D material does not absorb moisture
  • Soft and comfortable brace for everyday wear
  • Adjustable thumb loop for personalised fit

Ottobock Manu 3D Stable Wrist Support
  • Excellently supportive wide splint
  • Anatomically shaped for comfort
  • Functional treatment of irritations
  • Moisture repellant for all day wear

Ottobock Manu Comfort Stable Wrist Support
  • Superbly comfortable material
  • Firm support via coil springs
  • Treats numerous wrist conditions
  • Excellent quality construction

Ottobock Manu Comfort Wrist Support
  • Firmly supports wrist via coil springs
  • Comfortable, temperature regulating
  • Suits a range of wrist complaints
  • Easy to put on and take off

Ottobock Manu Direxa Basic Wrist Support
  • Adaptable shaped metal splint
  • Provides firm stabilisation for wrist
  • Treats variety of wrist conditions
  • Retains full thumb movement

Ottobock Manu Forsa Volar Wrist Support
  • Immobilises wrist in functional way
  • 'Y' splint provides firm support
  • Anatomically designed for comfort
  • Treats partial paralysis

Ottobock Manu Immobil Long Wrist Support
  • Useful for the treatment of fractures
  • Immobilises wrist hand and fingers
  • Comfortable SpaceTex material
  • Fits left or right hand

Ottobock Manu Immobil Wrist Support
  • Useful for the treatment of fractures
  • Immobilises wrist and hand
  • Comfortable SpaceTex material
  • Fits left or right hand

Ottobock Manu Rheuma Flex Wrist Support
  • Suited for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Flexible palmar splint supports wrist
  • Easy to apply well positioned straps
  • Comfortably soft breathable material

Ottobock Wrist Support
  • Simple but effective wrist support
  • Offers comfortable support
  • Treats wrist overuse irritations
  • Acts as a reminder

Ottobock Wristoform Wrist Support
  • Excellent extra stability for wrist
  • Neoprene fabric
  • Prevents flexion and extension
  • Suits Carpal Tunnel sufferers

Page 1 of 1:    17 Items