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Ottobock Foot Drop Supports

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Ottobock GoOn Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO
  • Entry-level, low-profile ankle foot orthosis for foot drop
  • Suitable for users with mild conditions affecting the dorsiflexor musculature
  • Fits into any shoe type for maximum ease of use
  • Supplied in a universal size that should fit most individuals

Ottobock Ankle Foot Orthosis
  • Ideal for temporary problems
  • For walking short distances
  • Comfortable long lever arm
  • For drop foot with mild spasticity

Ottobock WalkOn Dorsiflexion Assist Orthosis Support
  • Ottobock WalkOn Dorsiflexion Assist Support with discreet design
  • For dorsiflexor weakness with slight to moderate spasticity
  • Helps lift the foot during the swing phase for safer gait
  • Reduces the risk of stumbling and falling while walking

Ottobock WalkOn Flex
  • Prevents supination
  • Outward rotation during swing phase
  • Good for muscle exhaustion
  • For foot drop with mild spasticity

Ottobock WalkOn Lateral Pronation Strap
  • Compatible with Ottobock WalkOn Series
  • Provides the orthoses with further support
  • Reduces varus deviation of the foot and ankle
  • Reduces supination of the forefoot.

Ottobock WalkOn Reaction Plus Ankle and Foot Orthosis
  • Shoe insole with calf cuff orthosis to help extend wearer's knee
  • Helps those with dorsiflexion weakness walk more naturally
  • Also supports active patients with knee extension
  • Lightweight, low profile and durable

Ottobock WalkOn Trimable AFO
  • Customisable AFO suitable for stopping foot drop
  • Lightweight design suitable for a wide range of shoes
  • Highly durable material provides long-lasting support
  • Trimable for a better level of fit in your shoes

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items